Enchantment Lab Course


Learn the fundamentals of Jungian Magic, from tarot and pendulum work 🔮 to dream interpretation and spellcasting—all with a Jungian twist! ✨

Magic is a wonderfully powerful tool, but just like chainsaws and backhoes, taking a peek at the instruction manual is probably a good idea.

(Or not. You can do what I did and set off your fire alarm with an exploding cauldron—magician’s choice! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Say hello 👋 to Enchantment Lab, your friendly guide to Jungian Magic fundamentals…

Within these lessons, you’ll learn:

  • how to interpret tarot cards and access genuinely relevant insights to improve your day-to-day life, even if you’re brand new to divination. My Symbol Vision method 👁️ will ignite your intuition—no more of that deer-in-the-headlights brain-freeze when you draw a card (or relying on cookie-cutter meanings from a book).
  • how to use a pendulum for all sorts of cool things, like fine-tuning your tarot readings and dream interpretations and boosting your in-the-moment decision-making powers—great for when you’re feeling scattered and need guidance on speed-dial. 📞 (I’ll also show you how to calibrate your pendulum!) 
  • how to interpret your dreams, even if you only remember snippets. Working with your dreams is akin to accessing your soul’s syllabus—it’ll expand your self-awareness and outer-world insights like you wouldn’t believe. 🌙 Oh, and we’ll also travel on the astral plane to petition Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, for aid in dream recall, just as the ancient Greeks did!
  • how to access your personal power source for magic and channel that energy into effective spells. The most powerful magic is a paradox of the super-specific, highly individual and the cosmically archetypal. Finding the intersection between the two is magical rocket fuel. 🔥🔥
  • how to break down which types of spells are most effective for you and peek under the psychic hood to discover why 🔎 (fascinating!!)
  • how to spot energy drains and go-nowhere unconscious patterns 😵‍💫 that are keeping you stuck and stifling your magic using the Magician Tarot Reading and your astrology.

And finally, we’ll wrap up by assembling everything you’ve learned into a flexible and effective magical system (aka, not another stifling to-do list), one that’s super-duper tailored to your tastes and magical talents. ✨

Did I mention the Magical Bonuses?

Throughout the lessons, you’ll find useful extras 👉 a printable Spellcasting Playbook, Liminal Magic Playbook, and a free Notion template to help you track your magical campaigns!

How are lessons delivered?

In your Welcome Email, you’ll find a link to your course portal, where you can move through the lessons at your own pace.

And the lessons are yours to keep, so you’ll always have them for reference. 📚

Ready to weave more enchantment into your life while honing your magical skills? 🪄


I’ll see you in Lab!