Art of Intuitive Tarot (Digital Course)

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In five short lessons, you’ll be approaching any card with confidence, developing your own spreads, and giving super insightful tarot readings.

Intuitive tarot doesn’t rely on memorized “meanings” (which were created by a handful of men in the 1700s + 1800s, btw).

Instead, it fosters a deeply intuitive connection with your cards so you can access hyper-relevant guidance every time.

I’ve given over 1,000 professional readings, and I want to share my foolproof Symbol Vision Method, so that you can master the art of intuitive tarot.

Ready to be an incredible tarot reader?

I’ve got good news then:

You don’t have to memorize the “meanings” of all 78 cards to give incredible tarot readings.


In five short lessons, you’ll know how to:

approach any card with confidence

develop intuitive tarot spreads on the spot

give hyper-relevant, insightful tarot readings

using my easy-to-learn Symbol Vision Method.

I’ve given over 1,000 professional readings.

When I first started, I spent AGES poring over stacks of tarot books, trying to memorize the “right” interpretations until I felt like my brain was imploding.

Now, a gajillion readings later, I can confidently say:

That’s not how you get great at reading tarot. 

Tarot cards aren’t meant to be used as mnemonic devices…

…static flashcards, only there to jog your memory of the “right” meanings.

This approach keeps you stuck in the intellect, and it drains the cards of their true esoteric power.

When you learn how to intuitively read the cards (it’s not hard, I promise!), your readings will feel

vibrantly relevant and alive,

because you’re accessing in-the-moment guidance, not regurgitating formulaic “meanings.”

In five easy lessons, you’ll learn how to quickly, easily break down any tarot (or oracle) card…

…no matter which deck you’re using

…whether it’s a major arcana or a court card

…whether it’s reversed or upright

…and everything in between.

If you feel like not memorizing conventional meanings is “cheating” or “not doing it right,” I’ve been there.

I spent years flipping through flashcards, reading stacks of dogeared tarot books, and filling my journal with meticulous notes.

The thing is, those meanings were invented by a handful of men in the 1700s and 1800s.

Does that mean they’re wrong? Nope, but it also doesn’t mean they’re the only correct meanings, not by a long shot.

But thanks to patriarchy, well…those dudes’ take on things became tarot dogma.

And unfortunately, that dogma can drown out your intuition, or worse, have you believing you’re not that intuitive to begin with!


It’s time to let tarot speak to you now, in the present.

Rather than regurgitating meanings that may or may not have anything to do with your current situation…

you can learn, easily, how to access intuitive messages from the cards, simply by knowing how to look deeply at the images.

After all, tarot cards have images for a reason, and it’s not simply to remind you of the conventional card meanings.

The richly symbolic images are meant to interact with your intuition, delivering relevant, in-the-moment guidance.

And using my Symbol Vision Method, you’ll know how to access that guidance by the end of lesson one.



If you’re ready to stop wondering, “Am I doing this right?”

…or putting off giving readings until you study “just a little bit more”…

then I’ll see you in class.

I know you can start reading tarot now, and I want to show you how.


What do you get with The Art of Intuitive Tarot?

You’ll get 5 PDF lessons. No filler, no fluff. Just precisely what you need to start reading tarot easily and intuitively.

Lessons 1-4 walk you through exactly how to break down any tarot or oracle card into bite-sized chunks that your intuition can easily interpret.

This is the Symbol Vision Method, and it works like a charm.

Rather than trying to take in the entire image at once (hello, intuitive overwhelm!),

I’ll show you how to focus on one aspect of the card at a time (the figure, background, symbols, or energy flow)…

…and easily translate what you see into deeply relevant and highly useful guidance, for yourself or your clients.

We’ll work through practice cards together until the process is second nature to you.

This is the absurdly simple and accurate method I’ve honed by doing over 1,000 professional readings.

In lesson 5, you’ll learn how easy-peasy (and fun!) it is to create intuitive tarot spreads on the spot, perfectly tailored to the question at hand.

There’s no need to memorize a bunch of pre-made spreads, trust me.

Plus, you’ll get highly practical bonus content that will have you reading tarot intuitively:

Bonus #1: How to deal with reversed cards, no freak-outs required.

There are all kinds of well-meaning but totally unnecessary “rules” out there about how to read reversed tarot cards.

Stop trying to memorize a bunch of protocols and learn how to approach reversed cards simply and effectively.

Bonus #2: How to answer multiple questions in a single reading without pulling additional cards.

The more cards you draw, the easier it is to get overwhelmed–both for you and your client.

Use these pointers to find precisely the guidance you need in the cards already on the table.

(This is one of the techniques that really took my readings to the next level!)

Must-Have Cheat Sheet #1:

13 Ways to Get Unstuck During a Reading

Ever had that stomach-dropping, deer-in-the-headlights feeling when your intuition suddenly goes BLANK in the middle of a reading?

Yeah, it’s no fun.

Here are the straightforward tips I use in my own readings to get unstuck and back into the intuitive flow, pronto.

Must-Have Cheat Sheet #2:

Scripts for Talking to Clients

I’ll cover what to do with silent, stone-faced clients who aren’t giving you sh*t to work with; how to easily (and kindly) set boundaries with clients who want sessions to run overtime; and more.

All right, enough chit-chat from me.

It’s time for you to start reading tarot.

Begin your self-paced course today, and I’ll have you reading tarot cards by the end of lesson one. 

5 reviews for Art of Intuitive Tarot (Digital Course)

  1. tesswhitehurst (verified owner)

    I love Melissa’s books and articles, and I had a strong suspicion her Intuitive Tarot course would be off the hook. And not to brag, but I was RIGHT. My tarot readings are going to be so much better now! Not to mention more layered, dimensional, deep, accurate, and WAY more fun. Admittedly I wasn’t a total newbie when I began the course, but if you ARE a newbie, you are lucky to get to take this course right out of the gate. It’s everything you need to know to get started right away and to absolutely own your tarot readings. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It’s worth every penny and more.

  2. Natasha Levinger (verified owner)

    I’ve always felt intimidated by reading tarot. I’m not a very visual person, even though I am a very intuitive person, and I get distracted by all the imagery on the cards, and just feel overwhelmed by it. Until I took this course! It is both extremely in depth and also somehow simple (in the best way) at the same time. Now I’m excited to pick up my different tarot decks and see what my intuition is telling me! I LOVE that depending on the deck you get more information, I love so much about this course, I can’t recommend it enough!

  3. kgood16 (verified owner)

    What a wonderful resource! This course is PACKED with content that is easy to understand and apply. I’ve always felt a little overwhelmed when it comes to Tarot because I thought it was all about memorizing and following rules. Reading tarot actually feels super intuitive now. Using wit and humor, Melissa empowers you to not only understand the cards’ symbolism but develop an evolving relationship to the cards so you can read any deck. I love the idea of energy mapping cards and contemplating the imagery and position of the characters on the charts to assess their meaning – huge game-changer in my book! I will absolutely return to this course because there is so much gold in every lesson. Highly recommend if you’re looking to deepen your connection to your intuition, feel empowered in decision making, or are just curious about this cool magical tool!

  4. T Richardson (verified owner)

    Melissa is a wonderful teacher and guide. She is thoughtful, resourceful, caring, and committed to excellence. Melissa is always learning and improving her craft and looking for ways to raise the bar for herself and others. She’s interested in not only teaching the foundational elements of tarot but also coming to it from unique angles and working with tarot in innovative ways. You will never be bored or underwhelmed as her student, and she has a knack for making complex systems and concepts easy to communicate and understand. I’m so glad she is sharing her gifts with all of us, and I recommend not only this course but any course or book she authors! Tarot is an ancient and fascinating divination system you can study for a lifetime and still uncover new elements, so whether you are a newbie or old pro, Melissa has something to offer you. If you’re getting this course I’m excited for you! It will help you uncover and hone more of your own unique intuitive and healing abilities.

  5. (verified owner)

    If there is one thing I know to be true, is that any course, book, program, etc Melissa creates is going to be spectacular. This course is no exception, and I find myself in awe of the the manner in which she has taken the intuitive nature of tarot to a whole new level.
    Never one to conform to “just one way” of doing things, I find that Melissa’s voice throughout this whole course evokes a sense of exploration, amplification, and even a little feminine rebelliousness that supersedes tarot knowledge, and asks us to delve deeper into parts of self we may not have considered a part of the equation.
    You don’t have to be an expert to get this.
    You don’t need to adhere to strict rules.
    You don’t even have to memorize descriptions card by card.
    If you are looking to fine-tune your intuitive skills and deepen your self-knowledge via tarot, this is the course for you.
    Get ready to play, explore, expand and delight in this process. You will be so glad you invested in this! I guarantee it!

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