Here’s the thing, witches:

The most effective kind of magic is the kind you actually do.

If you’ve got stacks of unread magical books

Tarot you’ll totally start practicing…later

And spells that dazzle (once you get around to ’em)

Magic is phenomenally effective.

But unread books and un-cast spells won’t change your life.

(Ask me how I know.)

Sometimes all it takes is reading a sentence on page one to totally flip your worldview…

…or casting a quickie spell at lunchtime to remember just how freakin’ magical you really are.

You just need to start. And I can help.

You don’t suck. You’re just living in a chaotically distracting world.

You need someone to take ALL THE SHINY THINGS, like:




Energy healing

Psychic development

…and help you actually do them.

That means genuinely useful courses & content that easily fit into your life.

It means focusing on stuff that gets results

Instead of logging 10,000 practice hours, just for the brownie points

(those aren’t actually a thing)

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