When was the last time you wondered:

How can I just be myself?

How do I know if things will work out?

What am I doing with my life?

Life can be pretty damn confusing.

We can spend so much time and energy feeling anxious, doubting our every decision, and judging ourselves that we’re not better at this adulting stuff. 

But here’s the thing:

While uncertainty is, perhaps, the only certainty in life…

…this doesn’t mean we can’t access grounded, relevant guidance to help us on our path, every step of the way. 

How do you tap into this guidance?

By activating the built-in “owner’s manual” within your psyche.

We each have a personalized guide–what I call your Vibrance Map–that helps activate our fullest potential and unique gifts.

To access your Vibrance Map, you need to get your conscious and unconscious minds talking to one another. 

I call these your Known and Unknown Selves.

In truth, they’re talking all the time, but few of us have been taught how to hear or understand this conversation. 

Take dreams for example. Far from being gibberish echoes of waking life, they contain hyper-relevant messages that will help you make centered, empowered choices. 

Many of us don’t know how to read these nightly messages, and their wise insights go untapped.

When you learn how to collaborate with the Known and Unknown Selves, it’s like stumbling upon a 24/7 podcast, tailor made just for you, packed with moment-by-moment guidance. 

Learning to access your Vibrance Map is the difference between…

casting a spell every month to scrape together rent money…

versus creating such powerful shifts that you never have to cast another rent-money spell again.

Now that’s what I call Real Magic.

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