Daily Guidance on Speed Dial


A daily one-card tarot or oracle pull is your personal hotline to the Divine.

Even if you’re brand new to cards, this mini course will have you reading one-card draws like a boss.

The guidance you need to live your best life is right at your fingertips. Are you ready to access it?

Drawing a daily tarot or oracle card can:

• Enhance your focus, power, and overall get-shit-doneness

• Help you hear and heed your soul’s calling, each and every day

• Dramatically increase magical synchronicities (aka, boost your luck)

But simply reading the little booklet of meanings that came with the deck…

…leads to easily forgettable, paint-by-numbers interpretations because they’re not tailored to you.

In this fun mini course, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily access intuitive guidance from a single card.

Even if you’re totally new to tarot or oracles.

Even if you’ve tried reading in the past but never really felt like you were doing it right.

I’ll walk you through a one-card reading from start to finish so you’ll know exactly what to do.

We’ll work through practice cards together…

…and I’ll show you my super-simple Intuitive Layering method, the easiest way to get laser-sharp insights from any card, no complicated rules or memorizing needed.

No more guessing. The guidance you need is waiting for you.