Sigil Magic Mini Course


Learn how to translate your intention into a magical sigil and activate it using auspicious astrological timing! 🌛

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Sigils are my favorite form of spellcasting for two simple reasons: 

🌙 they feel super duper witchy to create + activate

🪄 they work—eerily well

In this fun mini course, you’ll learn:

📝 How to construct an effective intention

This is arguably the most important part of all magic, not just sigils. You’ll be able to apply these techniques to dial up your success in any magical endeavor.

🎨 How to translate an intention into a sigil

This is your chance to break out the magical scripts and paint pens! I’ll walk you through how to get started, all the way to knowing when a sigil is complete. (And rest easy—no artistic skills are required!)

🪐 How to activate your sigil using auspicious timing

You’ll learn how to match your sigil’s intention with the ideal astrological timing—no astrology know-how needed! And you can use these techniques with any magical workings, not just sigils.


In just three fun lessons, you’ll be making your own eerily effective magical sigils.

I’ll see you in class! 🤓