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  • Enchantment Lab Course


    Learn the fundamentals of Jungian Magic, from tarot and pendulum work 🔮 to dream interpretation and spellcasting—all with a Jungian twist! ✨

  • Daily Guidance on Speed Dial


    A daily one-card tarot or oracle pull is your personal hotline to the Divine.

    Even if you’re brand new to cards, this mini course will have you reading one-card draws like a boss.

    The guidance you need to live your best life is right at your fingertips. Are you ready to access it?

  • Art of Intuitive Tarot (Digital Course)


    In five short lessons, you’ll be approaching any card with confidence, developing your own spreads, and giving super insightful tarot readings.

    Intuitive tarot doesn’t rely on memorized “meanings” (which were created by a handful of men in the 1700s + 1800s, btw).

    Instead, it fosters a deeply intuitive connection with your cards so you can access hyper-relevant guidance every time.

    I’ve given over 1,000 professional readings, and I want to share my foolproof Symbol Vision Method, so that you can master the art of intuitive tarot.