A Lughnasadh ritual to love your life

Lughnasadh sheds light on something truly bizarre…

Have you ever noticed this, either in yourself or others:

You’re striving and striving towards a goal, be it in the form of improved finances, health, relationships, acclaim, etc.

And even though, consciously, you claim to want these rewards reallyreally badly

…when they arrive, you quickly brush them aside and dive into the next project.

I know I do this!

In contemplating Lughnasadh, which is a time of harvest, of reaping the benefits of your efforts…

…it occurred to me that most of us could use some gentle rewiring when it comes to slowing down and truly savoring the harvest.

So this Lughnasadh (August 1 in the northern hemisphere), I invite you to notice when and how you resist receiving what you want.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“Yeah, I finished writing chapter three, which is great, but now I need to get moving on chapter four.”

“I mean, it’s really exciting that my jewelry is being featured in Elle, but I don’t know if that’s really the right demographic for my work…”

“No, I can’t yet–I want to wait to go on vacation until I lose 10 pounds.”

What are your habitual ways of limiting a full-bodied, delicious savoring of your accomplishments?

Do you:

Immediately start planning what you need to do next?

Worry about potential problems that aren’t currently happening?

Act like it’s no big deal (this one comes up for me around receiving compliments)?

Distract yourself with busyness or other time-fillers (Netflix, I’m looking at you)?

…instead of simply being with the sensation of completion and satisfaction for a little while.

Here’s your super simple (and super powerful) Lughnasadh ritual:

Write down your accomplishments from the past three months (so, going back to May 1).

You can work backwards if it’s easier to remember that way; just try to capture a range of projects, from the small to the large.

Then, and here’s the important bit: Read your list aloud to another human being whom you trust.

The listener responds only with joyful enthusiasm. No buts or what ifs or worrying speculation or talking about what you need to do next.

Just savor what you’ve done, what you’ve already or are currently receiving. Soak it all in.

Ideally, you’ll both have a list to read aloud so you can double up on shared joy!

You’ll be surprised how much this practice can increase your energy levels and access to creative inspiration.

Here’s to taking the time to savor your harvest. Happy Lughnasadh!

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Jung saved my life

My life was a disaster. 

I struggled mightily with alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicidal thoughts throughout my teens and 20s…

…and every single day was a ride on the roller coaster of drama. 

I felt romantically doomed—

every relationship ended in flames and ashes, and even when I was temporarily coupled up…

…my “happiness” was skating on a thin veneer of jealous paranoia and deep-rooted fears of rejection…

…which I then tried to numb with drugs, alcohol, compulsive eating, binge shopping (hello, credit card debt) and anything else I could overindulge in. 

I hated my own thoughts, which felt like an ever-present reminder of how I’d never be whole, good enough, or even remotely relaxed in my own skin.

When I look back at those years…

it’s sometimes hard to believe that I am where I am now. 

I’ve been with my incredible husband for 13 years and counting, and I still get excited when I hear his keys in the lock every evening.

I’m not staring at the ceiling at 3am, sweating over how I’m going to scrape together enough rent money this month. 

I’m fortunate to do work that I can’t wait to get out of bed for, work that has me happily scribbling in ratty notebooks, surrounded by Post-it Notes and piles of dogeared books, soul on fire with ideas. 

And my own mind no longer feels like my arch nemesis—

I genuinely love my own company and carve out plenty of time to simply be with my thoughts. 

A key player in subduing the flames of the raging dumpster fire that was my life is C.G. Jung. 

His writings, while initially incomprehensible to me, have become a well-thumbed companion on my journey. 

And they’ve inspired the work I do now: Jungian Magic.

His writings transformed my inner world from what felt like a rigged game of Minecraft to a source of rich inspiration and a deep connection to something greater than myself. 

Today, on Jung’s birthday, I want to honor his life and work. 

There were times when Jung believed he was losing his sanity during his explorations into the unconscious. 

Yet he continued, amidst troubling visions, quaking self-doubt, and fears of his psyche’s unraveling. 

He continued to make time for his dreams, his meditations, and his journaling. 

He asked deeply uncomfortable questions about his identity, his beliefs, and everything his ego held most dear. 

And he took the time (so much time!) to capture his explorations in writing, creating a lifeline for me when times were very dark, indeed. 

Liber Novus

So today, I offer this altar, a symbol of my gratitude. 

A reminder, every time I walk into the room, of one who has walked before me…

…whose work is a lantern, glinting in the dark forests of the unconscious, beckoning me onward.

Inviting me to know myself more deeply, more honestly. 

To embrace all of who I am, not just the shiny egoic exterior. 

Jung—thank you. A thousand times, thank you. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. 

Your Aquarius Full Moon Guidance

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius reveals a secret to successful manifestation

Maybe you’ve heard this before:

Perfection exists in the realm of Spirit. 

Whereas here in the physical realm, perfection simply isn’t attainable.

In Jungian Magic, it’s more accurate to say that Spirit is the realm of totality

And totality implies that all things that can exist, do exist, simultaneously. 

Here on earth, on the other hand, you have to choose whether you’re going to take a nap or go for a walk. 

You can’t do both at the same time (at least, I don’t recommend it). 

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Why does this matter?

Well, when we reframe perfection as totality, it makes more sense that we can’t–and don’t need to–achieve it while physically incarnate. 

And thus we’re not frittering away our precious life force on an impossibility.

With perfection, though, it’s tempting to believe that maybe, if we just try hard enough…

…if we read the right books or find the right coach or take the right supplements or proofread just ten more times, we’ll finally attain it. 

And furthermore, there’s the faulty assumption that it’s actually desirable to attain it. 

But if I tried to convince you that you’ll only be good enough if you can take a nap and go for a walk at the same time, you’d (I hope) politely dismiss my nonsense and get on with your day. 

That doesn’t even make sense as a goal. 

The totality of Spirit can inspire us by ushering in fresh ideas and revealing new paths…

…but we’re misinterpreting its messages if we believe we’re meant to mimic this totality in the flesh.

Today’s Aquarian energy invites us to think in expansive terms…

…to flirt with possibilities that shake up the status quo, that might garner some raised eyebrows and a “just be realistic” or two.

And yet, we’re also reminded that in order to manifest these goals in the here and now, we can’t do everything at once. 

As physical beings embodying spiritual energy, our magic is exponentially more potent when we choose a focus. 

Otherwise, we’re scattering our energy to the winds and wondering why we’re not gaining any traction. 

You’ll have the most success today if you:

Relish the fact that you can’t do everything at once, so you can officially stop trying!

Ditch multi-tasking. Choose a task and focus on it. 

Let your magical power build by saying no to distractions and allowing what you’re doing now to be plenty.

And contrary to what the ego fears, the less you try to do…the more you’ll get done. 

Happy Full Moon!  

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If these concepts resonate with you, you might dig the book Deep Work by Cal Newport:

A column that helps you tap into the moon’s energy, even when you’re short on time.

Your Cancer New Moon Guidance

Today’s New Moon in Cancer reveals where our self-worth is tied to other people’s reactions. 

This codependency drags us away from our internal compass,

because we’re too busy scanning our surroundings to see if our actions are “working.”

Are people liking us,

responding the way we want,

validating us?

As a highly social species, we all fall into this trap from time to time…

but right now, the energy is highlighting where codependency has you tethered to the hamster wheel of approval seeking. 

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Today, you can plant the seeds of cleaner boundaries, which relates to a core magical practice:

Casting a magic circle.

Boundaries are hidden in plain sight in many magical practices…

because baked into the deepest, archetypal layer of our collective psyche is the understanding that, in order to be most effective, we must choose a zone of focus. 

We can’t just toss our energy willy nilly and expect things to work.

With magical actions, we often start by narrowing our focus, and then we link this focus to a much larger effect. 

This is the basic formula of a spell.

For instance, you cast a circle and focus every fiber of your being on living in your new dream home.

In other words, you mark out your zone of focus and give it everything you’ve got.

Then, you link this narrow focus to the larger world: You release those dream-home energies into the cosmos so they can manifest that house!

You’ll have the most success today if you:

tap into the power of clearer boundaries 

Gut reaction:

Where do you feel overly tangled up in what other people think of you?

Is there a particular relationship or life area where your choices feel seriously hampered by what others might think?

These are zones where clearer boundaries are needed. 

Maybe you need to spend less time checking social media. 

Set a clear boundary with yourself: I can get on Instagram for 15 minutes, twice a day. Set a timer. 

Maybe your mom’s “concerns” about your weight make you feel like shit. 

Set a boundary: “Mom, I’m not open to talking about my weight with you. Please stop.”

Today, refine your boundaries in support of healthy interdependence, not entangled codependence.

Need more support?

Nedra Tawwab’s book is a fantastic resource, complete with a ton of real-world scripts you can use while building your confidence in boundary setting.

Prefer to listen to this post? Here’s the audio:

A new column that helps you tap into the moon’s energy, even when you’re short on time.

Your Capricorn Full Moon Guidance

On today’s Full Moon in Capricorn, ask yourself, “What resources are already available to me?”

It’s easy to stall our progress by collecting far more tools than we need: more courses, more books, more memberships…and on and on it goes.

We get so bogged down by potential, it’s hard to make anything real.

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The Full Moon in Capricorn helps you locate what you need in what you already have, so you can go do the thing already.

Now is a great time to focus on practical actions that don’t require a scavenger hunt to get started.

What are you working towards right now?

Great! What can you do today and over the next week, using what you already have?

If you want to go further, spend a little time meditating under the Full Moon, and ask to be shown which of your resources is right for the job.

If you’re more visual, you can imagine entering a room that contains all of your resources. Notice what jumps out at you, and if you need clarity, ask how you’re meant to use it.

The energy is in your favor right now to get. shit. done.

You’ll have the most success today if you:

Keep it simple

Focus on practical actions

Use what you already have

Full Moon blessings!

Prefer to listen to this post? Here’s the audio:

A new column that helps you tap into the moon’s energy, even when you’re short on time.

A Summer Solstice ritual to get what you want

Summer Solstice marks a time of abundant, spilling-over-the edges growth. 

As I type this, I can see from my window that it’s already time to drag out the electric lawn mower again, even though it’s been less than a week.

The grass looks like a shaggy explosion of 80s metal hair. It just. Keeps. Growing.

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Given that growth is firing on all cylinders right now, it’s useful to do a quick Solstice inventory:

What’s abundantly growing in your life right now?

Is this what you’d like to be growing or does this energy need to be shifted to something else?

Growth energy, like all energy, is neutral, and our experience is determined by how it’s being used, so let’s take a look at what your growth is fueling right now.

You’ll want to have your journal handy before you begin. 

First, take a few minutes to align with the energetic flavor of the Solstice…

…that of rocketing, irrepressible growth, which will make it easier for you to locate this energy within your own system. 

If you have a spot in the sun where you can close your eyes for a few moments, great. If not, simply envision yourself basking in the sun.

See and feel yourself in a lush, natural setting with a profusion of plants. 

Focus on one plant in particular, and just like a time-lapse video, imagine that you can see it growing right before your eyes: stems telescoping upward, blooms unfurling.

Breathe as you watch this explosion of growth, getting a sense of what this energy feels like. 

When you’re ready, open your eyes and grab your journal. Allow yourself to brainstorm what in your life seems to be moving, full speed ahead. 

Are there any areas where things just seem to happen, whether you want them to or not?

Anything that gobbles up more of your focus, perhaps something you find yourself thinking or talking about frequently? 

Ask your intuition to direct your focus, to help you locate where your growth energy is concentrating. 

Pay attention to what arises: Are you suddenly thinking of a person or situation? Or perhaps a dynamic, such as people pleasing or undercharging for your work? 

Let yourself free-write for as long as you need to, capturing the flow of insight. 

Then, take stock. What has your intuition pointed you to? 

Is this something you want to devote your growth energy to right now?

If yes, you might use the following intention:

“I continue to grow [name your focus] for as long as this is correct and good for me on all levels.”

If not, is there something you’d like to channel this energy into instead? 

Get clear on what this new focus is.

Close your eyes and paint a picture of it in your mind—if you were already living this reality, what would it look like, what would it feel like? Put yourself there in your mind. 

Now, look down and see that you’re holding a watering can. Envision your growth energy condensing into this can.

All of the energy you’d like to redirect is easily collected here, as if drawn by a powerful magnet. See and feel this energy streaming into and filling the can to capacity. 

In your mind’s eye, use the watering can to shower your desired outcome with the energy of growth, pouring forth, infusing everything it touches with its magical fertilizer.

See this scene expand and enliven. 

In this place, ask your intuition:

“What can I do to support the growth of [name the new situation]? What’s my next action step?”

When you’re ready, come out of the meditation and jot down this action step in your journal. 

How will you carry out this step?

Is there anything you need to support yourself in taking this action?

Map out your intention and pencil it on your calendar. 

The energy of growth is poised and ready to flow at your command…

…and by taking your next action step, you’re giving it a helpful push in this new direction. Your actions will be amplified, your influence expanded. 

Here’s to your growth.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Prefer an audio version of this post? Listen here:

Summer Solstice Ritual

What’s the right thing to do? [how to decide]

If you want to tie yourself in knots over a decision…

…ask yourself, “What’s the right thing to do?”

I’m not advocating doing whatever we feel like, to hell with the consequences. 

But I’ve learned (the hard way, with a side order of insomnia and nervous indigestion) that…

“What’s the right thing to do?” isn’t the best route to grounded, responsible decision making. 


Well, because it assumes there is such a thing as a clear-cut right way, and as long as we find it, we’ll be golden. 

That’s a big assumption to make and one that generates a boatload of self-doubt and unnecessary agonizing over stuff that doesn’t actually matter. 

I’ll give you a personal example, one that caused me months of frustration…

…and my husband and friends, too, because I talked about it constantly.

For years, I’d had an intense relationship with someone–let’s call them Dumbledore, because I’ll get to chuckle every time I type it. 

Dumbledore wanted daily contact, multiple times per day, and while they were understanding (most of the time) when I’d say I needed time to myself…

…there was still the hovering expectation that, unless I communicated otherwise, we should be talking every day. 

It took me years to understand that I was allowed to want less contact–far less contact, even–and this didn’t make me a shitty person, unsupportive, or antisocial.

And the default didn’t have to be, “Unless you tell me otherwise, we’re talking daily.” 

That was their rule, not mine, and it was my reality only because I hadn’t set a boundary. 

One of the primary reasons it took me so long to make healthy changes in this relationship was that I’d been trying to figure out what the “right” decision was. 

I mistakenly believed that because Dumbledore was satisfied with this level of contact, I should be, too. 

I mistakenly believed that because other people liked talking to Dumbledore on a daily basis, I should, too. 

But because I wasn’t happy with this arrangement, my inner conflict raged unabated.

I felt torn between, “This feels like crap,” and “I don’t want to be an asshole!” and “Everyone else seems cool with it…?”

Here’s the thing:

To Dumbledore, or to those other people, maybe daily contact is a good choice. Who knows?

It’s totally irrelevant to my decision-making process, though, because I’m not them. I’m me

You can’t figure out what’s best for you by copying what everyone else is doing. 

Sometimes their choices might inspire your own, but they can’t replace them. 

Only you can decide what works for you…

…and you won’t get there by thinking there’s a universal right way that works for everyone, and you just haven’t figured out what it is yet. 

It always surprises me, in hindsight, how many of my decisions were anxiety producing because I wasn’t allowing myself to need what I need.  

I’d bitch about how confused and conflicted I was, how “I have no idea what I want to do!”

But I did. I knew exactly what I wanted to do all along. It just felt like the wrong answer because other people wanted something different. 

Their right answer wasn’t my right answer.  

So instead of asking yourself, “What’s the right thing to do?”

…check in with how you feel in this situation or around this person.

And then, instead of convincing yourself that it’s not okay to feel that way, ask yourself, “Okay, given that I feel this way, what do I need?”

Not, “What is the other person expecting of me?”

Or, “What if they get mad/don’t like me/etc?”

Just get clear on what you need. 

Next, what boundary can you set in order to meet this need?

Write it down. 

Finally, what would help you feel supported as you set this boundary?

Maybe you don’t want to do it face-to-face, because this person has been highly volatile with you in the past. 

That’s good information to have. Instead of blindly following the rule, “You have to have important conversations in person,” (says who?) allow yourself to choose a format that feels safe and manageable.

Or maybe you need to talk to a therapist first. 

Excellent. Do some Googling, ask friends for a referral, and make an appointment. 

Remember, you’re allowed to need what you need. 

And when you’re not chasing some mythical “right” answer, what you need is often feel-it-in-your bones plain as day.

You’ve got this.

Dear Tarot: Your Questions Answered!

Wow, so many great questions submitted for my new Dear Tarot column–thanks, everyone!

Don’t forget, you can submit your own question here.

I’ve chosen five questions for this first roundup. You’ll find images of the spreads and the complete audio readings below.

So without further ado…let’s get into it!

Reading One: Musing in Marrakech

Here’s our spread from the Light Seer’s Tarot:

Reading Two: Major Change in Mumbai

Here’s our spread from the Prisma Vision’s Tarot:

Reading Three: Wondering in Woodsboro

Here’s our spread from the Hush Tarot:

Reading Four: Checking In from Chesterton

Here’s our spread from the Modern Witch Tarot:

Reading Five: Very Crowded in Vancouver

Here’s our spread from the Witches Tarot:

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Then my new course is exactly what you need.

It’s called Learn Tarot Fast.

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Not feeling good enough? Try this.

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t struggle with feelings of not enough-ness at times. 

And while some of our unworthiness triggers are obvious, others can be trickier to spot. 

Here’s one that, for me, took years to recognize, but now that I see it, I’m better able to press pause before I head down the path of self-doubt and confusion.

Setting the scene:

I’m happily chatting away with friends, and suddenly, I start to get a little quiet…and more quiet still…

…and then I notice I’m feeling all insecure and getting into my head about it.

This predictably leads to nagging, bubbling resentments as I listen to the others talking, until eventually, I feel left out, like everyone but me knows how to do this whole friendship thing. 

For years, that’s all I was aware of: the uncomfortable feelings of insecurity, resentment, and loneliness. 

But then, something shifted.

I’d been working with my inner parts using Internal Family Systems Therapy, something I teach in my courses, and now I was able to witness which inner parts were being activated in these situations.

And what was happening under the surface really surprised me…

Not because it was so shocking, but because it was so simple.

I learned that this particular self-doubt spiral begins when someone is sharing an opinion or idea they feel strongly about.

They might be anywhere from super excited to hair-on-fire outraged, but the common theme is emotional conviction attached to whatever they’re saying. 

This tapped into a prevalent pattern from my childhood, one in which certain family members had extremely definite, rigid views of the world, and they insisted others follow along. 

As a kid, if I didn’t adopt their perspective, I was rejected or mocked or punished, driving home the clear message that not only was my thought process wrong, I, as a person, was all wrong. 

Consequently, I had inner parts who were very practiced at scanning situations and sensing if someone felt strongly about their opinions. 

If my parts detected this, they would begin pressuring me to conform in order to protect me from the rejection I experienced as a kid.

Before I learned how to work with these parts…

…I experienced this pressure solely coming from other people, which would cause me to feel resentful (“God, they’re so friggin’ pushy!”).

And if the other person actually was trying to exert control over how I thought or behaved, I didn’t know how to set boundaries and would just stew in my anxiety and resentment

Until we work with our inner parts, they’re stuck in the past…

…reacting to life with the maturity and skill level we were at when these parts were first created.

And when those parts take over, we can feel and act just like we did back then. 

In my case, an inner five-year-old part would take the wheel, and then I’d become totally overwhelmed by adult conversation (hence getting really quiet) and feel like I’d be punished if I didn’t agree (hence the resentment). 

And because as a kid I was rejected until I agreed (given the silent treatment or a time out, etc.), I would anticipate this and start to feel left out and lonely, even if others were actually including me. 

By witnessing and working with these parts…

I was able to see a gap in my experience: I needed to learn how to check in with my own values and needs even (especially!) when other people felt strongly about theirs. 

In the past, I only saw two choices: try to change the other person or miserably go along. Not the most inspiring of prospects. 

But now, I’m practicing building my adult skills in these situations, so I can take care of my inner five-year-old instead of forcing her to take charge, which she’s ill-equipped to do. 

For me, practicing new skills looks like this:

Noticing when I’m starting to get quiet and checking in: Do I just need some downtime or am I feeling that nagging pressure to conform?

If the latter, I have plenty of options.

For example, I might visualise my inner five-year-old and send her some love, which can feel very calming and grounding.

Or if the other person is asking for my response, I might say that I need some time to think about it

This, by the way, is often a biggie:

Allowing ourselves ample time to think and process. 

As a kid, I was rarely allowed to do this, so it’s been a game changer as an adult to practice creating this space for myself. 

While it can feel otherwise to our inner parts, very seldomly do we actually need to give an instant answer.

Other people might pressure us and/or we might pressure ourselves, but nine times out of ten, the world will continue revolving on its axis if we take 24 hours (or more) to think on something. 

By witnessing your inner state–what am I thinking? What am I feeling? Are there inner parts who need some attention?–you create more internal space, which then makes it possible to

…check in with your values, instead of forcing yourself to adopt another person’s priorities as your own. 

Someone might value x, while you need to prioritize y. In the past, I’d spend vast amounts of energy trying to convince them to value y, too, or I’d resentfully go along with x.

But with practice, it gets much easier to pause and allow for lots of options to arise in the in-between.

For instance:

Maybe Cath wants to co-teach a course on auric clearing but I want to lead one on shadow work, so we decide to host a larger event, and each of our unique classes is on the schedule.

We still get to collaborate and have fun, but neither of us is teaching on something we don’t feel well-informed or excited about.

Or perhaps you would be happy visiting your family if, instead of staying at their place, you get an AirBnB.

That allows you to connect and have fun while still having you-space and downtime. 

The point is, no one is served when we override our needs and values. 

While we live in a world filled with us-against-them messaging and stories where one viewpoint or person holds the “ultimate rightness” over all others, this is an egoic illusion

It might make the world feel more manageable and straightforward at times, but it’s a simplification that forces us to ignore nuance, complexity, and diversity.

It’s a shortcut with a high price tag.

When we practice tuning in to what’s truly important to us, this paves the way for genuine collaboration over blind conformity or embittered antagonism. 

Getting clear on our values helps us get clear on what we have to offer.

Far from being selfish, tuning into what we need and value is a powerful act of honoring our unique gifts and offering them in such a way that we’re not depleted

Which–guess what?–means that we can continue to make these offerings over the long haul, as opposed to living by other people’s values, draining ourselves dry, and retreating into burn out.

So next time you’re feeling that you’re not enough, press pause. 

Ask yourself: Am I pressuring myself to go along with someone else’s values or needs?

And then: What actually feels important to me here?

Create some space. Give yourself some time. 

Your needs are just as valuable as everybody else’s. 

And when you honor them, you heal the inner parts who fear that you’re not enough.

Living Reiki Digital Expansion

I don’t know about you…

…but I can’t even count how many times I’ve read a book, looked at the exercises and thought, “Man, I would feel soooooo great if I did this meditation/journaling/whatever!”

And then I don’t do sh#t.

If you can relate, I’ve created this digital expansion just for you. 🙂

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Plus, bonus tarot content…

In chapter 3 of Living Reiki, I mention something called the Worldly Sequence of the tarot’s major arcana.

I didn’t have space in the book to dive deeper, so in this bonus guide I show you why the Worldly Sequence is important and how to work with it.

And–here’s the part I’m really excited about–I also show you how to read tarot cards energetically.

This is something I love doing in readings, because it yields a whole new layer of insights, and it’s something you can do even if you’re brand new to the cards–no memorizing dozens of card meanings required!

You’ll also get a guide on working with the Ten Divine Powers, which I talk about in chapters 6 + 7 of the book.

You’ll learn how to spot which powers are your go-tos (we usually have one or two we’re most comfortable with and ignore the rest) and how to expand your energetic palette to the full range of powers.

This leads to more confident, soul-led decision making and a fuller expression of your unique gifts in the world.

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