Having recently read (and loved) 4,000 Weeks: Time Management for Mere Mortals, I’ve really been paying attention to what I spend my finite time and energy on.

Am I focusing on stuff that truly matters to me, or am I fooling myself into thinking I can do it all?

If I can’t study and practice and get good at everything (and wow, I definitely can’t), what do I really want to learn?

In that spirit, I’m experimenting with new ways for you to find the magical know-how you’re after more quickly.

Want to read tarot like a boss or spellcast like a Jungian Witch? I’ve got you covered.

Or maybe you want to dissolve limiting patterns with shadow work or take five minutes out of a busy day to meditate.

This weekend, all of my courses and my Portal membership are 35% off with code MAGIC23 (expires 11/27 at midnight).

Here’s a Quickie View:

Want more magic?

Check out all of my courses, guides, and audio meditations.

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