5 Minutes to Center


Three short-and-sweet audio meditations designed to bring you back to center, even if the world around you is a raging dumpster fire.

You’ll feel soothed, clear, and grounded in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.


These short-and-effective meditations are designed for when you’re feeling frazzled AF, but you don’t have oodles of time to devote to self-care.

Come back to center with:

  • When You’re About to Lose Your Shit (6:00)
  • When You Need a Reminder of How Friggin’ Magical You Are (4:55)
  • When You Need a Vagus (Nerve) Vacation (5:06)

The world’s shortest self-therapy session, perfect for when you’re feeling activated and you don’t want to do or say something you might regret later. (Been there!)

Press pause with this calming, grounding meditation, designed to gently make space for your feelings, no matter how intense they might be.

You’ll reintroduce an inner sense of safety, so you can move forward with more presence and clarity. 

When you’re rushing around like a to-do list machine, it’s easy to forget that you’re a wondrously magical being (you totally are–you know that right?).

This short astral travel meditation will take you on a magical journey in less time than it takes to pop to the corner store.

Mystical music and intriguing sound effects will help you tap into an altered state, so you can return to daily life with more sparkle and creativity. 

Calm your cranial nerves and the ventral branch of the vagus nerve–translation: get ready to feel majorly relaxed–with this short guided practice.

All you need is a quiet spot to lie down on an exercise mat or carpet, and the super accessible, gentle movements will have you drifting off to cloud nine in no time.

This is perfect for when you’re feeling harried, tense, or unfocused and you want to treat your body and your mind to a little Vagus Vacation.

All three guided meditations are in mp3 format and can be downloaded for listening on any device.


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