Relationship Reset


Ignite deeper satisfaction and soulful connection in your relationships through Jungian Magic, journaling and potent energy-work exercises. Your relationships will never be the same again.

Do you feel seen and heard in your relationships?

Do you feel as if you can be yourself–truly yourself–with others?

Do you feel comfortable asking for what you want and need?

For many of us, relationships are both a blessing and a curse.

They infuse our lives with joy and color…and they can drain us drier than a used-up sponge.

Learning how to stay tethered to our authentic Self while in relationship isn’t something we’re usually taught.

Instead, we’re left to muddle around with unexpressed needs, hurt feelings, and anxious thoughts–“Does everyone else know how to do this but me?”

You’re not alone.

Jungian Magic can help heal limiting patterns, so you can connect from a place of wholeness and authenticity.

It’s time to step off the hamster wheel of unsatisfying relationships.

In this course, we’ll be looking at something called psychological projection.

Projection is an unconscious process that ensnares us in repetitive arguments, limiting beliefs and chronically frustrating situations.

For instance, meeting someone who seems worlds apart from your ex…only to find yourself back in the same ol’ patterns of distrust and emotional disconnect.

Or giving, giving, giving support in your friendships, hoping for the same in return, only to feel drained dry and worn out with resentment.

Maybe this is as good as it gets? you wonder.

What you’ll learn in this course:

Let’s meet in the library stacks and find a secluded spot where, beneath the glow of a little green-shaded lamp, we’ll crack open a book by C.G. Jung.

This weighty tome contains lightning-bright gems that will help you spot projection in your own life…and disentangle your energy from its sticky web.

We’ll look at how projection works,

why it grants people power over us in sneaky, life-obstructing ways,

and generates frustrating relationship dynamics, like people pleasing and power struggles.

Then we’ll use journal prompts and energy-healing exercises to reclaim your energy and reset your connections.

How this course is organized:

All of your course content is contained in emails. You’ll get an email every other day for a month and a half-ish (19 emails total).

If you check email, it’ll be easy peasy to keep up with the course. No separate login info to remember (or forget, if you’re like me).

The lessons are a blend of self-paced written lectures where we’ll be reading from Jung’s Collected Works and translating the material through my Jungian Witch’s POV.

In between bouts of mind-expanding study, we’ll take breaks to do energy work in the form of guided audio meditations–cord cutting, seeing thoughtforms, and more magical stuff.

And you’ll be working with effective journal prompts that’ll help you apply everything you’re learning to your relationships.

Ready for a Relationship Reset?

Relationships have the potential to utterly, irrevocably change your life, for the better.

We can transform them into sacred spaces where we are deeply seen, held, and honored…and where we do the same for others.

Learning how to recognize and call back our energetic projections paves the way for genuine connection…

…allowing us to explore and express our authenticity in the company of others, healing the world, one satisfying relationship at a time.

Get started now, and your first lesson will be in your inbox momentarily.


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