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Monthly lessons in Jungian Magic, straight to your inbox. Learn tarot, spellcasting, energy work, sigil magic, and so much more–all with a Jungian twist!

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Monthly lessons to supercharge your magical skills

Pairing Jung’s deep-dive into the unconscious, archetypes, synchronicity, and other key concepts…

…with ancient (i.e., time tested) magical technologies helps you wield these potent tools in a way that honors your unique psychological makeup, dramatically boosting your success rate in magic (and in life).

Each month, you’ll get 2-3 well-crafted emails on a particular Jungian Magic topic, such as:

working (safely) with spirit guides to access real-world guidance

using sigils to break free of limiting beliefs (complete with magical languages and astrological timing)

exploring your personal money energetics with the tarot pentacles suit

shifting patterns that feel damn-near-unchangeable with hyperspaces of devotion (these are super cool)

August 1, we’re Began a magical intensive: Enchantment Lab.

The Lab walks you through the creation of a personalized practice for inner growth and magical development. It’s not another one-size-fits-none program that you’ll end up feeling guilty for not sticking to. (No thanks!)

Prepare to craft your unique path to success, one magical tool at a time.

In Lesson 1, you learn how to use tarot (or oracle) cards and a pendulum to choose your next steps with clarity and purpose, even if you’re brand new to divination.

In subsequent months, we cover things like:

Potent dreamwork that shows you precisely what to shift (and how), in order to produce dramatic results in waking life (this isn’t “your teeth falling out means x” style interpretation, which is, um…useless)

Pinpointing energetic leaks that are leaving you scattered and depleted, so you can redirect your precious energy toward your soul’s highest priorities and get. shit. done.

Healing immobilizing inner conflict (like looping, anxious thoughts and tornado emotions), so you can build confidence and self-trust as you take purposeful, wise action

The most important skill to master for any type of magical working (this one will dramatically improve the efficacy of your spells, sigils, astral travel–all things we’ll be learning as well!)

You also get a (kinda weird!) bonus 😉

I’ve partnered with seven spirit guides who are uniquely skilled in the topics we’ll be covering in Enchantment Lab.

They’ve awesomely volunteered to assist, and you’ll get step-by-step instructions for connecting to them, should you wish to ask questions or request their help with reading tarot cards, working with your dreams, and so forth.

I’m very excited to share these spirit relationships with you!

(This part is entirely optional. You’re welcome to work through the material in your own way–no presh!)

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