On this Full Moon, we’re going to tap into Gemini’s natural curiosity and communication savvy to explore what sort of energetic broadcast you’re sending out (perhaps without realizing it).

This broadcast determines how well you’re able to manifest what you want and need…

…and by tapping into the Moon’s energy, you can peek behind the energetic curtain, making changes if you find a mismatch between what you want and what you’re broadcasting.

To begin, bring to mind something you’ve been wanting to call into your life.

Perhaps it’s a career change, a romantic relationship, improved physical health, or more money.

Got it? Great. Jot it down in your journal or on a piece of paper.

It’s really helpful to have it committed to paper as we move through this exercise.

Now, let’s flesh it out a bit.

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow and–abracadabra!–you now have this thing, person or experience in your life.

Describe how it feels to have what you want. Jot down any words or phrases that come to mind.

Maybe getting the book deal with a cushy advance has you feeling inspired and spacious, brimming with clear ideas and knowing that you have the time and energy to translate them into an amazing book.

Or maybe you feel deeply satisfied, waking up next to someone you love every morning, enjoying being seen and accepted for who you are.

Now we’re ready to explore how well your energetic broadcast matches up with your desired outcome.

Before we proceed, though, an important note:

This is emphatically not an opportunity to beat yourself up if you find an energetic mismatch.

This is super duper common for all of us!

Being human means compassionately seeing where we might have drifted from our chosen path and gently course correcting.

In your journal, underline or highlight some of the key features of your desired outcome, such as feeling inspired or being seen.

Next, I want you to think about your weekly routines, the things you spend most of your time on, and do a gut check:

How much do these align with the key features of your desired outcome?

Jot down your first impressions.

Here’s an example from my own life.

One of my biggest satisfiers, no matter the specifics of the project I’m working on, is feeling like I’ve helped someone change the way they think, and that, in turn, has created a tangible shift in how they live their life.

Without this, I can slip into feeling like I’m just jettisoning my work into an abyss of “what’s the point?”

If I were to sum this up in a word, my desired outcome is influence.

If my words are falling on deaf ears, I’m not achieving my desired outcome.

If I create something and I’m too scared to put it out there, same deal.

With that in mind I looked at my weekly routine, and I noticed that in spite of doing a lot of work around codependent patterns…

…I was spending time giving feedback to people who, yes, were asking for my insights but routinely did nothing with them. Zilch.

I explored this pattern for a few weeks, and it became crystal clear that there was a direct connection between choosing to spend my energy in interactions where my influence was nonexistent and my ability to experience influence in my creative work.

If we think about it energetically, there’s a logic to it:

Imagine that the energy I have available to me each day is held in a pitcher.

If I want to create something that has the power to positively influence someone, I have to pour out some of this energy, and once the pitcher is empty, that’s it for the day.

If I’m dumping my entire pitcher into a conversation with someone who, as soon as we’re done talking, goes right back to business as usual, I’m left with an empty-ass pitcher and none of the satisfaction of influence.

Now, to be clear, this doesn’t mean I don’t bother interacting with people unless I can influence them!

But when it comes to the very specific, precious cache of creative energy that represents my unique gifts, if I spend all of that in one of those zero-influence interactions, that detracts from my creative work.

For me, it’s important to recognize when someone isn’t actually receptive to my input (even if they’re asking for it, but unconsciously they aren’t ready to change), so I can simply enjoy their company and the connection without spending my creative energy there.

(If you’re familiar with Human Design, I’m a projector, so this very much tracks with my design!)

Looking at your notes, are there any mismatches between what you want and…

…what you’re spending your time and energy on, aka what you’re broadcasting?

For instance, let’s say you’re seeking a romantic relationship, and you jotted down the key feature of feeling deeply seen and accepted for who you are.

Looking over your weekly routine, you notice you’re doing quite a bit of hiding–not speaking up in meetings when you have something to share, letting your friends dictate all the plans even though you’d like to do other things sometimes, etc.

This is great information to have, because now you can practice allowing yourself to be seen and accepted, right here, right now.

For example, if speaking up in meetings is a big trigger, start there.

Perhaps you explore parts work, where you go inward and talk directly to the inner part(s) responsible for keeping you small in meetings, helping those parts feel safe enough to scale back their overly protective strategies.

Maybe you find a therapist who can help you unpack this.

Perhaps you take a course in public speaking and find less scary situations in which to practice.

The point is, you now have a helpful focal point for your exploration and inner work.

Can you see how, in this example, working on being seen and accepted would put you in a much better position to not only attract a romantic partner in general, but specifically a person who is able to see and accept you?

This practice of compassionately exploring how well our desires match up with how we spend our energy is valuable to do any time of year…

…but you’ll get an extra sparkly boost right now with the energetics of the Full Moon in Gemini, so why not take advantage?

Happy Full Moon!

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