This simple-yet-powerful meditation for the Full Moon in Aries builds on the manifestation and self-worth material in my previous post (give it a quick read here if you missed it). 

Aries energy is the potent life force that ushers things into being. 

It’s that electric oomph that propels us into new projects, relationships, and adventures. 

And today, on the Full Moon, we’re going to tap into that energy with a very specific intention:

Initiating from a place where your self-worth is a rock-solid given, not something you have to “earn.” 

When we (unconsciously) choose a course of action based on earning our worth, those actions can lead us far astray of our soul’s path.

So on this Full Moon, we’re going to disentangle your worth from your actions. 

This can liberate massive amounts of energy, creative freedom, and clarity, which are a perfect match for the Full Moon in Aries vibes.

When you’re ready, find a comfy seat where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes (well, technically 7 minutes and 18 seconds). 

The following meditation will guide you in tapping into the Moon’s Aries energy, liberating your self-worth and bringing crystal clear purpose to your actions.

Happy Full Moon!

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