Saturday’s New Moon in Sagittarius dishes up a big ol’ soup pot of astrological influences.

To help you translate this into potent personal change, let’s take a quick tour through the energetics.

(And don’t worry about remembering every detail, because we’ll get to a simple practice once we’re done.)

Here we go…

New Moons can be a time of clarity: What do we want to call into our lives?

Add in the energy of the solar eclipse, and this clarity seeks depth

What’s at the core of our intentions? Are we doing the work to connect with and live from our deepest authenticity or are we chasing collective aspirations that don’t truly light us up?

Quick aside: I lived in the path of totality during the total solar eclipse of 2017, and nothing could have prepared me for the visual and energetic shift when the moon slid into position over the sun. 

The landscape plunged into a surreal, shadowed light, like an underworld sun, and my friends and I spontaneously erupted with giddy, laughing awe. I broke out in goosebumps, and everything felt thrown open into the unknown of infinite possibility. And I wasn’t stoned!

Eclipse energy helps us flip norms upside-down and inside-out, peeling back the layers of “have tos” and “shoulds” to get to what truly matters on a cellular, soul level: 

In other words, do you really care about that goal or do you just think you should?

We’ve also got a conjunction with Mercury, so our mental maps and communication will be infused with the think-big, blaze beyond known limits, free-roaming energy of Sagittarius

A theme is emerging: We’re expanding our view of what’s possible, shedding norms and limiting beliefs, seeking a deeper truth as we set our New Moon intentions.

Then, we add in the energy of Uranus, which forms a quincunx with the New Moon. 

This brings in the influence of sudden, rebellious change (again with that theme of rejecting the status quo!), but Uranus is moving through the earthen energy of Taurus right now. 

The result? We might feel a little ants-in-our-pants static with all of this big, brazen energy of change moving through us, seeking a way to manifest–right now, hurry up, when is this gonna happen?!?

But let’s add one final ingredient to our energetic soup pot: The grounding energy of Saturn, which forms a sextile with the New Moon. 

Saturn supports us in creating structures and practical plans, a wonderful companion to all of the expansively liberating, boat-rocking energy flying about.

(It’s easy to miss this stabilizing effect if we’re viewing Saturnian structure as a buzzkill that’s majorly cramping our style.) 

The key:

How do we stay present with the tension between these two energies…

…the fast-moving swell of the expansive and the reality of limits and boundaries?

If you think about it, this is a perfect summation of life’s central polarity:

How do we reconcile the co-existent reality of being an infinite being living a finite life?

We can’t do all the things. So what do we do with that fact?

On this New Moon, explore the tension between all the ideas and energy and possibilities and and and! versus what’s feasibly within your scope of influence and action right now.

Take note: What does it feel like when you’re in super-expanded, sky’s-the-limit mode?

And what does it feel like when you’re in pragmatic, “all right, what am I gonna do next” mode?

These two energies are the poles of the battery powering our entire life.

The more at ease we are in both modes, the more powerful our battery is, making it possible to create an electrically satisfying life.

So, is there a point in this process that feels uncomfortable or icky, a place you unconsciously skirt around, hoping it will just go away?

For me, it’s that moment when I need to take my first action step. I’ve translated all of the sparkly energy of shiny ideas into a tangible plan, and now it’s time to begin. 

Maybe I’m sitting at my computer with a super-inspiring outline for my next book, and now it’s time to write that first sentence. 

And suddenly it feels absolutely imperative to check my email, I’m a little chilly so I definitely need to find that orange sweater and I think it’s in a storage bin in my closet or maybe it’s out in the garage, and oh wait did I clean the shower grout?

When I finally took the time to sink into my antsy unease in these moments…

…I learned that there were two energies at play:

The first was an inherited belief that whatever I was creating had to be the end all, be all. Nothing short of mind-shatteringly fantastic brilliance was acceptable, so…ya know, that was a little intimidating. 

As I worked with my inner parts who held those beliefs, helping them feel seen, heard, and thoroughly loved just as they are, that belief began to dissipate. 

And the second was another inherited pattern: a lack of skills to get me from point A to point B. 

Growing up, what was modelled for me was either not starting at all (refer back to the first belief: if it can’t be stupendously perfect, why bother)…

…or throwing your entire existence into the project, completely foregoing self-care, relationships, other interests, etc. in order to achieve a goal (because achieving was equated with self-worth). 

The rather mundane process of simply showing up and doing the work without succumbing to life-imploding extremes was foreign territory.

So again, it took working with my inner parts who held this pattern and also challenging myself to learn the skills I hadn’t been taught growing up. 

For example, “All right, I’m going to set a timer and write for 40 minutes, and then I need to check in and see if I’m hungry or need a movement break.” Basic? Yes. Necessary to learn, even though I’m in my 40s? Also yes. 

During this New Moon, explore your own relationship to infinite possibility versus finite existence.

No biggie, right? 😉 If that feels mind boggling, simply bring to mind how you tend to approach tasks and projects:

Retrace your steps from coming up with an idea to bringing it to fruition.

Where are you most apt to get stuck in this process? 

Journal on this, and allow the energies of this Moon to help you see more deeply into your patterns, uncovering sticky spots and identifying what will help you de-stick.

By day’s end, identify one simple action step. What will you do next to move from stuckness to purposeful action? 

You’ve got this. 

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