Aquarian energy inspires us to envision radical new possibilities

…and break out of the sleepwalk of “this is just how things are done.”

To tap into this potent energy during the Full Moon, choose a situation or area of your life that feels stuck. 

If you like, you can take a peek at where Aquarius is in your natal chart (get your free chart here), and choose a situation related to that house.

Take a moment to connect with the waves of possibility radiating from the Full Moon:

Close your eyes and imagine your body as a sponge, soaking in the Aquarian energy that is correct and good for you right now. 

You might imagine the ego’s stories about what is and isn’t possible dissolving in this energy, like a block of ice on a blazing hot day. 

Open your eyes, and set a timer for 15 minutes. Now, write down twenty ways, big or small, to shift your situation. 

Don’t censor yourself with things like, “Yeah but…I don’t know how that’s gonna work…”

Just write it down. 

You might have ideas on how to shift the situation as a whole or ideas for simply taking the next step toward something different. 

Both are great! Write them down.

Don’t spend more than 15 minutes on this. The point is not to overthink things, giving the ego time to spin out tired, limiting stories. 

When you’re done, spend a few minutes tapping into the feeling of gratitude for such an abundance of options. 

Rather than immediately choosing one of these options and getting to work, use this Full Moon to simply feel into the experience of having options, celebrating your ability to choose. 

So often, we get trapped in the rut of viewing our lives as a series of things we “have” to do, which can drag us down and drain our power. 

Let this Full Moon be a time of reclaiming your power to choose.

Even being here, now, in this lifetime, is a choice that you made. Celebrate it!

My spirit guides like to remind me, when I’m getting all woe-is-me, that even the experience of feeling sorry for myself while in a physical body is an experience I will one day miss. 

Cherish this time. Cherish the options available to you. 

This life is a gift, and tapping into that stream of gratitude opens you to a whole new world of possibility. 

In the days to come, if you feel inspired to take one of the actions on your list, go for it! The energy is in your favor to shift what’s no longer working and step into a bright, new future. 

Full Moon blessings!

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