We’ve come to the end of our chakra series, and today we’ll be talking about the crown, which is located at or slightly above the top of your head. To catch up on earlier posts, check out the root, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye.

3 Signs of a Healthy Crown Chakra

  • You feel connected to the world around you. When your crown chakra is working properly, you have an innate sense of the interconnectedness of everything. You know, on a deep, cellular level, that you are intimately tied to the entire universe. Granted, we spend a great deal of our life seated more in our awareness of our individuality, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you lose awareness that you are both finite and infinite, you start to feel cut off, like you’re “on your own,” and like you never really fit in. A healthy crown keeps you tapped into the web of Oneness. (And yes, I am aware of how woo-woo that sounds.)
  • You make energetic changes to support practical or physical changes. I discuss this more below, but when your crown chakra is working properly, you are able to create desired changes on an energetic level, which then makes any changes on the practical or physical levels much, much easier. Losing weight is a prime example. Try to change merely the physical, and the chances of regaining the weight are high. Change the energy patterns underlying the physical, and now you’re setting yourself up for lasting change. A healthy crown chakra helps you do this.
  • You feel supported on a deep level. The crown chakra is one of your most powerful connections to the Divine, and when this connection is open you feel supported in all that you do. You know that you are not a lone survivor on an island who must fend for herself. Instead, you feel how the universe rushes in to meet you halfway, supercharging your individual efforts with more power and purpose.

3 Signs Your Crown Chakra is Healthy

The following is an excerpt from my eBook, Luminous: Powerful Energy Practices to Make You Glow from Head to Toe.

Through the crown chakra, we are able to access an infinite field of knowledge, and as we cycle this knowledge through each of the chakras in turn, we are able to extract different levels of information, giving us a more complete understanding. One way to visualize this more clearly is to look at what happens when one of the chakras is blocked or too open.

If someone has blockages in their solar plexus, for example, a piece of information enters their crown chakra, and when it gets to a person’s solar plexus this chakra might interpret this information as further evidence of their powerlessness and victimization. Another person with energy flowing freely through their solar plexus might see the same piece of information in an entirely different light.

And I’m sure we’ve all met those people who make everything and anything about sex. In my mind, this is someone who either has a navel chakra that is too open or, paradoxically, a blocked navel chakra, the latter resulting in a need to overcompensate for their lack of intimate, sexual connection and satisfaction.

The point is, each of the chakras contributes to our understanding of the information we pick up through our crown chakra “antenna,” and if our chakras are out of whack, we’re likely to have predictable biases in our interpretation of this information.

Beyond predisposing the way we think, this has a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. This is because everything we see around us began as a thought, either in our individual mind, in another person’s mind, or in the Divine mind. According to the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, absolutely everything in the universe is a “creation of THE ALL,” with THE ALL referring to the Divine. Everything is a thought in the Divine mind.

Everything in your life is a result of consciousness, which is why your relationship to consciousness is so important. Quite often, we attempt to change things only on the physical level, by going on strict diets, trying to curb our spending or landing a better paying job, etc. And those changes are usually short lived, unless we also change the consciousness field that called them into existence in the first place.

Remember, consciousness sets the pattern for everything in the universe, and manifestation fills in that pattern with substance, giving rise to the forms we see around us.

It’s as if consciousness is the image in a coloring book, and our physical reality is restricted to coloring in the lines. If you aren’t happy with the image, simply changing the colors of your crayons won’t make much of a difference; you must go to the source and change the drawing, or the underlying pattern, itself.

More About the Crown Chakra

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