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3 Signs Your Heart Chakra is Healthy

  • You enjoy healthy intimate relationships. When we are able to give and receive energy through our heart chakra, this is the currency of satisfying relationships. If your heart chakra is blocked, you may struggle with sharing true intimacy with others, relying more on, say, the navel chakra, which can lead to substituting sex for love, or your upper chakras, which causes you to mediate your relationships through your head, not your heart (people who seem excessively logical and detached from feeling even in intimate settings fall into this camp).
  • Your entire energy field is integrated. This isn’t about achieving a state of perfection, it’s about a general sense of well being and that your life just works. The heart chakra is the center of the seven-chakra system, and it acts as a mediator between the lower and upper chakras. As the balance point of your energy field, a healthy heart chakra helps all of the chakras work together more seamlessly, so for example, your intellect is playing well with your physical form (e.g. you’re not filled with negative self-talk about your body) and your emotions are on the same team as your Higher Self (e.g. you’re not resorting to self-destructive patterns to avoid experiencing your emotions).
  • You love yourself. When your heart chakra is happy, you feel a deep love for yourself, and upon this foundation are built healthy boundaries (another ingredient for the intimate relationships we talked about in point one). When you love yourself, you then have a template from which to love others. That old saying, “You can’t love another until you love yourself,” is absolutely true. When our being is starved for love, our ego cannot bear to give that love to others; it goes into hoarding mode, trying to keep every last scrap for its deprived self. A healthy heart chakra has good mojo flowing in and out–love of self and love of others.

You’ve Got That Lovin’ Feeling

The following is an excerpt from my eBook, Luminous: Powerful Energy Practices to Make You Glow from Head to Toe.

As we come to the fourth chakra, the heart, we reach the center of the entire chakra system. A healthy heart chakra integrates the energy of the lower and upper chakras, so as you can imagine, if the heart is out of whack this disrupts the entire system.

As the central chakra, the heart is a chakra of unity and balance. In this chapter, we’ll look more closely at both of those concepts and learn how they support your health and happiness and what to do if this energy feels blocked in your life.

Let’s begin by talking about unity. Recall as we moved from the root (first chakra) to the navel (second chakra), we experienced leaving oneness and expanding into twoness. While this duality brought with it lots of excitement and change, there is a part of us that is always seeking to return to a state of oneness.

Our journey toward oneness through the lower three chakras tends to be more ego driven. We seek to merge with another through sex (navel) or by exerting power and control over them (solar plexus). In contrast, the heart seeks a deeper sense of unity, one that is not dependent on external stimulation but that simply exists. It is a state of being not doing, and it is constant and omnipresent.

This does not trivialize the role of the lower chakras, however, because without their support it’s difficult to relax and soften into the unity of the heart.

In chemistry, affinity is used to describe the tendency of one substance to combine with another substance. When two substances share an affinity for one another, bonding can occur. Likewise, the heart is all about relationships, and love provides the impetus for engaging with another and forming a bond.

In addition to seeking these affinities with others, we also seek to integrate the various parts within ourselves into a harmonious whole. Just as our heart has things that our brain lacks and our feet have things that our hands lack, we gain strength by combining the efforts of our composite parts, both physical and spiritual. (This might also bring to mind the uniting of the ego will and the Higher Will from the solar plexus chapter).

When we achieve this inner unity, we radiate love, acceptance, and joy.

More About the Heart Chakra

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