If you’re just joining us, you can see the other posts in the series by chakra: root, navel, solar plexus, and heart. Today we’re talking about the throat chakra, which is located at the base or hollow of the throat in most traditions.

3 Signs of a Healthy Throat Chakra

  • You are able to express yourself clearly, such as communicating your wants and needs, in a way that is authentic to you and generally well received by others. Of course, you can’t control other people’s reactions, but if you are routinely running into hostilities or closed doors in relationships, this might be a sign that your communication style needs attention. If you have trouble speaking your truth and asking for what you need, this indicates a throat chakra imbalance.
  • You are able to listen with full presence. Talking is only part of the communication equation; to be an effective communicator you must practice active listening. Giving people your half-assed attention while waiting for your turn to speak does not a good communicator make. Being as present as possible and really tuning into someone is one of the most generous things we can do for one another, and a healthy throat chakra is instrumental in this.
  • Your life is a reflection of your values. The throat chakra is related to sound, and sound is vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates, and you will draw to you experiences that resonate with your vibrations. If you are a chronic complainer, you will draw to you more situations to complain about. When your throat chakra is working properly, it is a key factor in attuning your energy to a healthy vibration, and thus the experiences you magnetize will be in keeping with what is best for your Highest Good more often than not.

I Dig Your Vibe, Dude

The following is an excerpt from my eBook, Luminous: Powerful Energy Practices to Make You Glow from Head to Toe.

Because everything vibrates, even the nonphysical, this means we have the potential to affect and be affected by everything, beyond just the forces we can see. This is one way in which magick works. Through ritual, meditation, or other magical means we alter our vibration, which can then sync up with and/or affect the vibrations of other things, and this allows us to have an impact that is greater than what seems logically possible.

I was at a drumming workshop recently in a circle of eight or so people, each of us holding a drum under our arm. The teacher was demonstrating different rhythms on his drum, and each of us could feel our own drums (and bodies) vibrating in harmony. A lone drum had the ability to set in motion the vibration of eight other drums and the humans holding them. This is the power of vibration.

And like the popular and often misunderstood Law of Attraction, our vibrations attract similar vibrations like a magnet, yet another reason to become aware of these vibrations so we’re not broadcasting unwanted, magnetizing messages to the universe.

In each moment, we are given the opportunity to choose our vibration. If you’re visual like I am, you can see each situation, each moment in time, as a detailed painting with many different facets. We always have the freedom to choose which part of the painting we wish to focus on.

We don’t deny the existence of the rest of the painting, pretending that it’s nothing but blue skies and rainbows. We can hold the awareness of the complete painting in our minds, acknowledging the pleasant, the unpleasant, and the in between, but where we choose to let our gaze focus after we have taken the painting in as a whole dictates our vibration.

More About the Throat Chakra

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