Living Reiki Digital Expansion


Companion to the Living Reiki book: audio meditations, worksheets, energetic tarot guide and more!

Do the Sacred Container guided meditation, which grounds you fully in your body, for free:


This digital companion to Living Reiki: Heal Yourself and Transform Your Life lets you squeeze more energetic awesomeness from the book.

You’ll receive:

23 guided audio meditations + four PDF worksheets

…corresponding to the exercises in the text. If you’re like me, you sometimes (okay, often) read books without actually doing the exercises.

This expansion makes the exercises super accessible and procrastination-resistant, so you can enjoy the benefits of more balanced energy, greater mental focus, + healing of ancestral patterns that could otherwise keep you stuck.

You’ll also receive two bonus guides:

Intuitive Tarot Techniques Building on chapter 3 of the book, this PDF illustrates how to work with the Worldly Sequence of the tarot’s major arcana. Then, you’ll learn how to read any tarot card by mapping its energy flow. This is a fun way to do deeply insightful readings, even if you have no prior experience with tarot!

The Ten Divine Powers Expanding on chapters 6 + 7, this handy guide and worksheet helps you spot the Ten Divine Powers in your daily life. Most of us rely on just one or two powers that we’re most comfortable with. With this guide you’ll expand your energetic palette to its full range, helping you make more effective, soul-aligned choices.

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