Splendor: Unlocking Your Manifestation Code

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Manifestation, the magic + science of creating the life you desire, isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Maybe you’ve already tried a bunch of systems and protocols and planners and methods, and in the avalanche of life hacks and shoulds you’ve lost sight of who you are, and life feels a little less magical than it used to

The world makes it so easy to compare ourselves to, well, pretty much everyone, triggering a pervasive, immobilizing anxiety that we’re falling behind, we’re not enough (or maybe we’re too much?), we’re missing the secret whatever that everybody else seems to have…aughhhh! 

Surely there’s a way to consistently achieve your goals while being fully, unapologetically and magically you?  

What if you could download The Cosmic Guidebook to Manifestation?

What if there was a reliable way to create what you want + need without having to figure out which of the 10 kajillion methods will actually work for you?

Handily enough, there is a guidebook, and it’s encoded in archetypes, waiting to be unlocked.

Now, if you’re used to thinking of archetypes as iconic figures, like the Wounded Healer or the Great Mother, it might sound far-fetched that they’re holding the secret keys to manifestation. How can this be?

Actually, those figures aren’t the archetypes themselves, and the secrets of manifestation lie in that distinction.

The archetypes are much, much deeper forces, and the Wounded Healer and friends are merely representations of those forces. 

These representations are incredibly valuable, though, because the archetypes themselves are so vastly unknowable to finite human consciousness that we’d be blasted to smithereens if we tried to interact with them directly, like looking straight into the blindingly luminous face of god. 

By getting to know these archetypal representations, we can glimpse the underlying forces at play without shattering our minds. I like to call them the Emissaries of the Unknown, because they deliver vital guidance and teachings from larger archetypal forces that are far beyond our understanding. 

Thanks to the Emissaries, we know that the archetypes are the Master Patterns that govern all existence.

Archetypes dictate what we’re capable of thinking, feeling, experiencing, and doing. They’re behind everything that exists–the Ultimate Blueprints. 

Thus, if you’re going to learn how to manifest successfully, there are no better teachers than the archetypes, since they’re responsible for the manifestation of literally everything. I think it’s safe to say, they’re pretty damn good at this stuff.

This also means that if you try to manifest in a way that contradicts these Master Patterns, you’ll be swimming upstream against the strongest possible current imaginable. Many of us in this situation try even harder, casting buckets of time and energy and money into the water, where it’s swept away by the raging river of the archetypes.

You don’t need to play life on hard mode. That’s too…hard

How do you unlock The Cosmic Guidebook to Manifestation encoded in the archetypes?

In this program you’ll do this by exploring two key areas.

The first is relearning the language of the archetypes. It’s something your soul already knows how to do, but for most of us, decades of being taught to think “rationally” has garbled our understanding of the language of the soul. 

Relearning that ancient language allows you to decode the guidebook. 

The second key is discovering how to personalize the guidebook’s principles to your unique energetic makeup. This is where you take archetypal, mythic truths and ground them in your individual, lived experience. 

Because remember, manifestation isn’t one-size-fits-all. If you’ve already tried a bunch of methods and you’re still not where you’d hoped to be by now, you know first hand what I’m talking about.  

How will we accomplish these two key aims?

We’ll do this by working magically and psychologically with the archetypal pattern of the Hero/ine’s Journey.

This pattern is a brilliant synthesis of countless myths and legends told throughout time by cultures around the world, so why reinvent the wheel when a genius solution already exists? 

Hero/ine’s Journey stories haven’t been retold for eons simply for entertainment’s sake. They’ve stuck around because they reveal how our psyches works on a deep, deep level and how the cosmos works on a deep, deep level. 

And even more important, these stories unlock the secret underpinnings of how our psyches and the cosmos interact

They show us how to make real, tangible changes in our lives, such as how to take an idea existing in our mind and translate that into something that exists in the world.

In other words, they show us how to manifest. 

This is vitally important information if we want to survive and thrive, and because our brains remember best through stories, peoples throughout history have understood that these stories must be told. 

If we forget how to effect desired change within ourselves and in the world around us, how do we function? 

Eventually we become aimless, unsure where to go or how to get there.

Very little we do seems to be working, and we lose our spirit. The colors of meaning drain from our experiences, and we pile on endless distractions to chase away the nagging ghosts of lost purpose

Manifestation isn’t just about getting shiny, new things (although that’s fun, too). It’s about reconnecting with your inner creator, the divine spirit within, reigniting that electric pulse of life that hums within all existence. 

It’s about remembering that you have power and agency and magic, and your soul chose this lifetime for a purpose. 

When you reconnect with this truth, you can’t help but share it with others. This soul-on-fire clarity inspires a wish for others to reclaim their power and agency, too. You want the world to rekindle its divine creative spark. 

Through reclaiming your power to manifest, you give yourself the gift of healing and you initiate ripples of positive change in the collective spirit. 

How is Splendor structured?

Splendor: Unlocking Your Manifestation Code is a blend of one-on-one work and self-discovery unfolding over four and a half months (January through mid-May 2023).

We’ll open the container the first week of January with a Zoom tarot session (jump to FAQ for tarot dates + time options), clarifying your goals for the Journey. Then, each Sunday, you’ll receive that week’s self-discovery materials via email, which will guide you through the Hero/ine’s Journey through the lens of manifestation.

Some weeks you might receive an Archetypal Attunement (audio meditation) and targeted journaling prompts; other weeks you’ll get an audio lecture and a handout, etc. 

At two points in the program you’ll have access to one-on-one support via Voxer (a voice messaging app), the first to help you with dream interpretation, the second to process a self-initiation that occurs roughly two-thirds of the way through your Journey. 

We’ll close the container with a final tarot session in mid-May, condensing what you’ve learned and establishing a firm foundation for your continued manifestation practice. (jump back to top)

Splendor is limited to 11 people.

See the detailed syllabus below + sign up today to save your spot.


What are Archetypal Attunements?

These guided meditations are the beating heart of Splendor. They’re rooted in findings from neuropsychology and principles of neuroplasticity, and they’re designed to shift deep-seated patterning to help you create positive changes in your life. 

Studies show that specific kinds of stories can elevate self-esteem; foster empathy and a feeling of interconnectedness; lower stress and negative emotions; increase focus and patience; boost oxytocin levels; and enhance divergent thinking, the ability to develop novel solutions to problems through free flowing, spontaneous, exploratory mental processes.

Archetypal Attunements guide you through carefully crafted astral journeys, combining the scientific benefits of story and meditation with the energy-healing and consciousness-expanding benefits of astral travel. 

Who am I?

Hello there! I’m Melissa Tipton, author, Jungian Witch, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader–and your catalyst on this Journey.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients identify + release limiting patterns to create their soul-desired life, and I want to help you do the same.

I came away feeling illuminated from within myself. Thank you thank you thank you.” (N.F.)

Get out of town right now. It’s like you have a window into my life, seriously…Spirit is really speaking through you!” (A.L.)

“WOW. Thanks for giving me the confidence I badly needed to fight back against the indecision I was suffering from. I’ve been through a very rough patch but am now ready to bounce back to life.” (V.R)

The complete Splendor Syllabus

(if you like nerding out over every little detail like I do…)


Light Body Activation (January 1)

You will ready yourself for the Journey ahead by activating the “chariot,” i.e. your energetic light body, with your first Archetypal Attunement

We’ll then clarify your goals with our first tarot session, held via Zoom. This is the Call to Adventure of the Hero/ine’s Journey, when you step through the veil of the Ordinary World to enter the realm of magic and mystery. (I’ve given over 1,000 professional readings and have many years experience translating the soul-song of tarot into practical takeaways and life-changing insights.) 

The Hidden Council (January 8)

This week, you’ll learn how to work with your psyche in a profoundly effective manner using techniques from Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. 

If you’ve ever made well-intentioned plans but couldn’t stick to them no matter how hard you’ve tried (why, hello there, New Year’s resolutions!), IFS is the key to stepping off the hamster wheel of false starts and self-recrimination. 

Note: You’ll receive your class materials for this lesson on Sunday, January 8, even though you might not have had your first tarot session yet. This lesson spans two weeks to allow extra time for tarot scheduling.

The Guardian at the Gate (January 22)

When we attempt to blaze our way past the Journey’s Threshold Guardian without “paying the ferryman,” our efforts tend to fizzle out despite our best efforts, and everything feels like a constant uphill slog

Learning how to recognize and respond to Threshold Guardians within the psyche (and their mirrors in the external world, such as bosses who refuse to promote us or trips that keep getting canceled) radically changes our manifestation success rate

The Law of the Secret Door (January 29)

In life, there are places we are told we must never, ever go, perhaps by family, culture, mentors, or our own fear, but go there we must if we are to realize our hidden gifts and reclaim our manifestation powers

In this lesson, we’ll explore your inner mandates and prohibitions (also known as IMPs) through journaling and an Archetypal Attunement, building the skills to walk through your Secret Door.

The Siren Song (February 5)

One of the perils of any journey is succumbing to distractions, of which the world offers a dazzling and endless display. (Twitter! Netflix! Text messages! Honking cars! Sexy neighbor gardening shirtless! Need I go on!)

Learning how to recognize and disarm the inner and outer Sirens, whose song can lead our manifestation ship to ruin, is indispensable on your Journey and the focus of this week’s journaling, audio lecture, and magic ritual

We now begin the Approach to the Inmost Cave, a phase of the Journey that begins with…


The Sideways Logic of the Night Lands (February 12)

Your dreams are far from nonsensical gibberish as your brain sifts through the detritus of the day. They’re direct messages from your unconscious on topics it deems vital to your growth and wholeness, and specifically those that the ego is overlooking.

Through audio lecture and a handout, you’ll learn the ancient art of dream interpretation, a practice revered for its healing and prophetic powers. 

You’ll also have 45 minutes of Voxer support during office hours to help work through your dreams or answer any other questions. 

In the Footsteps of the Gods (February 19)

Building on last week’s dream work, we’ll apply those same interpretive skills to waking life, a potent method for glimpsing the archetypal in the seemingly mundane, using the tarot’s Major Arcana as a guide. 

This is one of my favorite practices for unlocking insights when I’m stuck or when I can sense a bigger lesson is at play, but I can’t quite grasp its contours.

On the Wings of Icarus (February 26)

This week, we’ll look at the experience of psychological inflation, a flooding of the ego by powerful archetypal forces. 

Inflation can lead to false bravado, self-righteousness, foolhardy risks, and destabilizing outbursts, followed by an inevitable melting of our waxen wings as we plummet to the sea. 

Written materials will guide you through adapting the Internal Family Systems practices from earlier lessons to address inflation, so your manifestation isn’t derailed by its energy-zapping, clarity-crumbling highs and lows.

The Impossible Test (March 12) 

If the Hero/ine is to successfully traverse the Magical World and discover the Inmost Cave, they must learn how to pass the Impossible Test. In doing so, they liberate vast stores of energy for manifestation. 

The Test cannot be passed with the ego’s knowledge alone. The ego must join forces with the unconscious, a collaboration that all of the lessons thus far have been fostering. This is a great way to compassionately gauge how well the parts of your psyche are working together at this stage in your Journey. 

Through audio lecture and journaling, you’ll learn what the Impossible Test is…and how to successfully pass it. 

The Realm of Pentacles (March 19)

The earthly pentacles of the tarot symbolize our resources–the materials, both tangible and otherwise, that we require to effectively manifest our desires. Learning how to accurately identify what you need for success and maturely meeting those needs unleashes your personal power, transforming you into a veritable force of nature

Through an Archetypal Attunement and audio lecture, you’ll get clear on your required resources and learn how to deal with pushback from others who might be accustomed to you acquiescing and ignoring your own needs. 

Activating the Portal (March 26)

At this stage in the journey, it’s time to clarify what you value, independent of what you’ve been told to value by family and culture. Without clear personal values, our internal North Star is shrouded by storm clouds, and we don’t know, until it’s too late, whether we’re pursuing genuine, soulful desires or chasing someone else’s idea of happiness. 

Through journaling and an audio lecture, you’ll learn how to get clear on your personal values and how this paves the way for bliss-awakening Portal Moments

Journey to the Underworld (April 2)

In our thirteenth week, we travel to the shadowed lands of Death, card thirteen in the tarot.

We cannot progress on the Journey without surrendering that which no longer serves, and through an Archetypal Attunement, you will descend to the underworld, meeting the Hallowed Teacher who will guide you in releasing any unnecessary baggage that’s blocking your manifestation. 

This week is all about expansion and lightening the load. 

Entering the Hall of Mirrors (April 9)

This week we explore psychological projection, an unconscious process that distorts our view of the world and our relationship to it. Disowned aspects of ourselves are mirrored back to us through chronic frustrations and repetitive, go-nowhere circumstances

Without an understanding of projection and the specific ways it’s playing out in our life, we will repeatedly misunderstand why things are happening and how to effectively change them

Through audio lecture, journaling, and an Archetypal Attunement, you’ll peel back the curtain of projection and supercharge your manifestation with a more accurate, nuanced understanding of Divine Cause and Effect

The Initiation and the Stone (April 16)

You have now reached the Inmost Cave where you will retrieve your Philosopher’s Stone, the unique blend of qualities, beliefs, energies, and practices that your soul needs most–the treasure you have been seeking.

Through magic ritual and Archetypal Attunement, you will embody the Stone and initiate yourself into a new way of being. 

Forty-five minutes of Voxer support during office hours is available to process your experience and ask any questions in this final stage of your Journey. 

The Treasure and the Legion of Demons (April 23)

In fairy tales and myths, the misguided Hero/ine might find that their sack of enchanted gold turns to coal when they set foot on mortal soil. Or they’re beset with temptations and demons, never making it home at all. 

In practical terms, we must learn how to take this new way of being we’ve worked so hard to cultivate and live it amidst the pressures and distractions of “mundane” reality. 

Through audio lecture and journaling, you’ll learn your unique cues for staying focused and self-motivated, so you can reap the rewards of your manifestation

Consecrating the Inner Sanctuary (May 1)

In our penultimate week, you’ll visit and consecrate your Inner Sanctuary through magic ritual and an Archetypal Attunement.

This is your personal hub on the astral, a place where you can meet with Guides, practice new skills, access powerful insights, learn about magic and divination, heal and balance your energy body, and so much more.

Personally, this is my most treasured spiritual practice, because I can count on the Sanctuary to bring me clarity, comfort, or whatever I most need in any given moment. 

The Journey’s End (Is Just the Beginning) (May 7)

In our final Zoom session together, we’ll consult the tarot once more, condensing the arc of your journey into useful insights and actionable takeaways before closing the energetic container. 

We’ll look at your sacred responsibilities, which are gateways to greater agency and power, and how to best honor them moving forward, so you can consistently manifest what you need and want

You’ll get a recording of your tarot reading and a final audio lecture to fully activate your manifestation code. (jump back to top)

Splendor FAQs

When do the tarot readings take place?

For your first tarot reading (45 minutes long), available times are Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm (CST) from January 1 – January 13. I’ll email you within 24 hours of sign-up to coordinate the details.

You’ll get an email asking you to book your final tarot reading (60 minutes long) midway through the program, and that reading will take place during May 8 – May 19, same days/hours as above.

Readings occur via Zoom, and you’ll receive both a recording of our session and a photo of the tarot spread for future reference.

What is Voxer voice support?

Voxer gives us the opportunity to connect through voice messages using the free Voxer app.

At two points throughout the program (February 13 – 17 and April 17 – 21), I’ll send you an email inviting you to leave messages (up to 45 minutes) with any questions you have. If you’re not available during office hours, you can leave your messages outside of those times, and I’ll reply during office hours.

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm.

Will I have lifetime access to course materials?

Yep! All audio lectures, Archetypal Attunements (audio meditations), handouts, tarot recordings and other materials will be yours to keep forever. If you find yourself encountering a Threshold Guardian in the future, for instance, you can return to that week’s materials and unblock your manifestation.

Have more questions?

Please email me here, and I’ll be happy to help! (jump back to top)

Payment Option

One-Time Payment, 5 Monthly Installments