You’ve likely heard that New Moons are a potent time for intention setting.

A fresh lunar cycle begins, making it a great time to initiate a new cycle of your own.

But I think there’s yet another reason why New Moons are so freakin’ powerful for intention setting…

…and it has to do with the fact that this is a time when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, throwing the Moon’s face into shadow.

So what, you ask?

Well, if you think about the Earth as a symbol of your current embodied reality–it’s your life, as it is right here, right now–

…and the Sun as a symbol of consciousness, the light that makes it possible to see and to forge an understanding of what you’re seeing…

…when the Moon is smack dab in the middle, it’s going to change how you view and understand your current embodied reality. 

It’s easy to get locked in perceiving ourselves through a particular lens, and this heavily influences our choices, big and small. 

Our ego has its preferred stories, often passed down ancestrally…

…that help us make sense (accurately or otherwise) of who we are and the world we live in.

And they can be incredibly tricky to spot, because they often feel like simply “the way things are.”

These stories can keep us entangled in reexperiencing the past from an unconscious drive to feel “safe” amongst our familiar touchpoints. 

For instance, we might consciously despise how emotionally cut off our parent was…yet find ourselves repeatedly in relationship with emotionally distant partners.

When the Moon stands between our consciousness (the Sun) and our current reality (the Earth), within this shadowy realm, things can morph and shift, right before our eyes. 

The unknown creates space for possibility. For things to be other than what we believe them to be.

With the lights on, your living room looks a certain way, conforming to your expectations, and you probably don’t question what you’re seeing.

It just is what it is. 

But navigate the room with the lights out, and suddenly the boundaries of your knowing begin to blur. You might find that side table you thought was over there is actually–ouch–right where your toe is.

There’s a reason magic is so often worked in the in-between…

…in a witch’s circle, betwixt the worlds…

…during liminal times, such as dawn, twilight, midnight…

…or at a crossroads, which are neither here nor there.

In the in-between things aren’t fully this nor fully that. Forms and boundaries are less rigid, in flux, making them less resistant to change.

And what is magic if not change? 

This New Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to see your path from a different perspective. 

Use this evocation before doing self-exploration:

I call upon the New Moon in Scorpio! 

Guide me on this shadowy path,

Where forms and boundaries

Shift and sway. 

Clear my sight, show the way.

Clear my sight, show the way.

Clear my sight, show the way…

Then, use whichever form of self-knowing speaks to you:

Journaling, meditation, working with your dreams, therapy, conscious movement, tarot…

Let the Moon’s energy support you in surrendering “what is” or “what should be,” opening the door to new options and fresh perspectives.

Allow yourself to be surprised.

And then, set your New Moon intention from this place of possibility. 

Happy New Moon!

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