Your Cancer New Moon Guidance

Today’s New Moon in Cancer reveals where our self-worth is tied to other people’s reactions. 

This codependency drags us away from our internal compass,

because we’re too busy scanning our surroundings to see if our actions are “working.”

Are people liking us,

responding the way we want,

validating us?

As a highly social species, we all fall into this trap from time to time…

but right now, the energy is highlighting where codependency has you tethered to the hamster wheel of approval seeking. 

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Today, you can plant the seeds of cleaner boundaries, which relates to a core magical practice:

Casting a magic circle.

Boundaries are hidden in plain sight in many magical practices…

because baked into the deepest, archetypal layer of our collective psyche is the understanding that, in order to be most effective, we must choose a zone of focus. 

We can’t just toss our energy willy nilly and expect things to work.

With magical actions, we often start by narrowing our focus, and then we link this focus to a much larger effect. 

This is the basic formula of a spell.

For instance, you cast a circle and focus every fiber of your being on living in your new dream home.

In other words, you mark out your zone of focus and give it everything you’ve got.

Then, you link this narrow focus to the larger world: You release those dream-home energies into the cosmos so they can manifest that house!

You’ll have the most success today if you:

tap into the power of clearer boundaries 

Gut reaction:

Where do you feel overly tangled up in what other people think of you?

Is there a particular relationship or life area where your choices feel seriously hampered by what others might think?

These are zones where clearer boundaries are needed. 

Maybe you need to spend less time checking social media. 

Set a clear boundary with yourself: I can get on Instagram for 15 minutes, twice a day. Set a timer. 

Maybe your mom’s “concerns” about your weight make you feel like shit. 

Set a boundary: “Mom, I’m not open to talking about my weight with you. Please stop.”

Today, refine your boundaries in support of healthy interdependence, not entangled codependence.

Need more support?

Nedra Tawwab’s book is a fantastic resource, complete with a ton of real-world scripts you can use while building your confidence in boundary setting.

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A new column that helps you tap into the moon’s energy, even when you’re short on time.

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