Your Aquarius Full Moon Guidance

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius reveals a secret to successful manifestation

Maybe you’ve heard this before:

Perfection exists in the realm of Spirit. 

Whereas here in the physical realm, perfection simply isn’t attainable.

In Jungian Magic, it’s more accurate to say that Spirit is the realm of totality

And totality implies that all things that can exist, do exist, simultaneously. 

Here on earth, on the other hand, you have to choose whether you’re going to take a nap or go for a walk. 

You can’t do both at the same time (at least, I don’t recommend it). 

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Why does this matter?

Well, when we reframe perfection as totality, it makes more sense that we can’t–and don’t need to–achieve it while physically incarnate. 

And thus we’re not frittering away our precious life force on an impossibility.

With perfection, though, it’s tempting to believe that maybe, if we just try hard enough…

…if we read the right books or find the right coach or take the right supplements or proofread just ten more times, we’ll finally attain it. 

And furthermore, there’s the faulty assumption that it’s actually desirable to attain it. 

But if I tried to convince you that you’ll only be good enough if you can take a nap and go for a walk at the same time, you’d (I hope) politely dismiss my nonsense and get on with your day. 

That doesn’t even make sense as a goal. 

The totality of Spirit can inspire us by ushering in fresh ideas and revealing new paths…

…but we’re misinterpreting its messages if we believe we’re meant to mimic this totality in the flesh.

Today’s Aquarian energy invites us to think in expansive terms…

…to flirt with possibilities that shake up the status quo, that might garner some raised eyebrows and a “just be realistic” or two.

And yet, we’re also reminded that in order to manifest these goals in the here and now, we can’t do everything at once. 

As physical beings embodying spiritual energy, our magic is exponentially more potent when we choose a focus. 

Otherwise, we’re scattering our energy to the winds and wondering why we’re not gaining any traction. 

You’ll have the most success today if you:

Relish the fact that you can’t do everything at once, so you can officially stop trying!

Ditch multi-tasking. Choose a task and focus on it. 

Let your magical power build by saying no to distractions and allowing what you’re doing now to be plenty.

And contrary to what the ego fears, the less you try to do…the more you’ll get done. 

Happy Full Moon!  

Prefer to listen to this post? Here’s the audio.

If these concepts resonate with you, you might dig the book Deep Work by Cal Newport:

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