Today, I want to talk about the Hero/ine’s Journey and how it can help you harness the power of eons to fuel your manifestation. (I feel like that statement should be followed by a deafening crash of thunder and a villainous cackle–please use your imagination.)

First off, what’s the Hero/ine’s Journey?

It’s an archetypal pattern identified by comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell based on the myths and legends of peoples from around the world, throughout history. 

In a nutshell, the Journey illustrates how we leave the comfort of our routines–what Campbell calls the Ordinary World–and answer the Call to Adventure, beckoning us to realize the fullest expression of who we’re capable of becoming

Along the way, we meet Mentors who equip us with secret intel or magical tools, Threshold Guardians who protect the Special World from the unready, Allies who help us succeed where alone we would fail, and other archetypal figures. 

There’s also a proper sequence to things, and the Journey handily lets us in on this universal secret. 

While it might be slightly altered depending on the story, by and large there’s an archetypal order in which things are done. For instance, you won’t be able to progress to the Inmost Cave, a sacred place where priceless treasures await, until you’ve navigated the Threshold Guardian. 

Try to swap the order, and things go sideways.

Countless stories tell of someone who pisses the Guardian off, and now the entrance to the Inmost Cave is invisible to them. They’ve walked right past it a dozen times, but they can’t see it. The Guardian has cloaked the Cave in powerful enchantments. 

In life, we might experience this if we try to browbeat our unconscious into doing something before we have the awareness and skills to see it through. Try as we might, things simply won’t work. We miss opportunities that, in hindsight, were right under our nose–we blaze right past the Inmost Cave. 

But when we learn how to see the archetypal patterns unfolding in our life…

…we are then privy to things like, “Oh! I’m trying to force this promotion to happen, but what I actually need to do first is develop my interpersonal skills, particularly my ability to set boundaries.” 

Until you’ve demonstrated the ability to set boundaries (and not perfectly, just well enough), the Threshold Guardian will not let you pass. And this isn’t because the Guardian’s a jerk; it knows the promotion would soon turn into your worst nightmare without that skill, and it’s helpfully protecting you. 

The Guardian can appear as a part of your own psyche, such as an unconscious force that keeps tripping you up as you try to land the promotion, or outer forces, like bosses who don’t think you’re ready for it.  

Without this awareness, we bang our heads against the wall, never understanding how and where to focus our energy most effectively to get the results we’re after. 

Remember what I said at the beginning about harnessing the momentum of eons?

Archetypes are MASSIVE forces. They are the collective energies of innumerable people thinking, feeling, and doing something over and over and over again. 

Like a raging river able to blast through a dam, archetypes clear away obstructions that might otherwise take us an entire lifetime to dismantle. And learning archetypal sequences, like the Hero/ine’s Journey, is a potent and ancient (i.e. time tested) way to work with, not against, these astoundingly powerful flows to supercharge your manifestation.

If we bring this around full circle and return to the geometry of manifestation from an earlier post…

…to leap from a dot to a line or from a line to a shape takes energy and ingenuity. And it’s at these transition points where our manifestation most often fails.   

Maybe we have plenty of ideas, but when we try to imagine how we might develop them, either it seems impossible and all we can see are potential pitfalls, or there are so many directions, we can’t fathom how to choose

We’re struggling to move from the dot to a line. 

Or maybe we do have a clear idea of where we’d like the idea to lead. For instance, we want our business to be successful enough that we’re able to buy our dream house, the one with the towering sycamore out front and the cozy window seats.

But when we try to come up with an actual plan to get there, we feel stifled or bored or distracted, and we give up or promise we’ll get to it…later. 

We’re unable to jump from the line to the shape. 

Or say we’ve mapped out a plan, but you know, maybe we could use one more certification or read one more book or fine tune the particulars just a little more. Days turn into weeks turn into years, and our plan gathers dust on our desk. 

We can’t seem to leap from the shape to form, which requires real-world action. 

Archetypes are like rocket packs helping us quantum leap from one dimension to the next.

In Splendor: Unlocking Your Manifestation Code we’ll work together one-on-one to harness the vast power of the Hero/ine’s Journey to help you make your dreams a reality. 

If you’re ready to take purposeful, effective actions toward creating the life you want, the Journey awaits.

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