You’ve likely seen copious examples of the archetype of the Magic Password in books and movies. This is where the seeker must puzzle out the hidden word or handshake in order to advance to the next level, like one of my favorite scenes from Lord of the Rings:

I’ve written about this before in the context of the movie Labyrinth, where the main character, Sarah, must learn to ask the right question in order to embark on her quest. (Super relevant if you want more useful and accurate tarot readings, btw…)

The Jim Henson Company

The Magical Password archetype speaks to the topsy-turvy logic of the Otherways…

…the realms that exist beyond the ego’s linear POV. The Otherways are the inroads to magic and the deeper mysteries of existence, yet many of us have forgotten how to navigate them, because we’re (understandably) occupied with the world of bills to pay and never-ending to-do lists.

The mystic is one who seeks to travel the Otherways, learning the Magic Password that will allow them to slip through psychic side doors and back alleys, peeking into the scroll-laden libraries and ancient temples of the astral plane to access hidden channels of magical power and intel.

You have a personalized teacher, someone who will school you in the language of the Otherways…

…so that, when the moment arrives, you’ll know the Magic Password. This teacher is your dreams.

By learning to work with your dreams, you are relearning the language of the Otherways, honing your ability to think and see in symbols–an ability that also enhances your divination accuracy and your ability to work effective rituals and spells.

But your dreams aren’t just offering a general 101 course in symbols–nope. Each dream is tailor made to your unique path, your unique psychological makeup and the lessons that are most pertinent for you, right here, right now, if you want to dissolve limiting patterns and unleash your full potential.

That’s a wealth of information being delivered to your nightly inbox.

Earlier this fall in The Portal, we spent an entire month on dreamwork, and today I want to share a bonus podcast I created as part of that lesson.

In less than thirty minutes, you’ll get loads of useful dreamwork tips–things like:

  • how to tell if your dream interpretations are on target or if you’re wandering off in the weeds
  • how to unpack juicy insights from recurring dream elements (these are super helpful)
  • a vital perspective shift that’ll help you understand your dreams (and tarot readings) much more deeply
  • trippy dreams that foretell the future

I also share one of my favorite passages from all of Jung’s Collected Works, words that soothe my soul when I feel stuck and at my wit’s end.

This is a new format for me, and I’d love to know what you think! If a Real Magic School podcast is something you’d be interested in, just click this link to let me know. 🙂

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