Leo energy coaxes us from the shadows and helps showcase our specialness

…so with this New Moon, let’s gently release inner blocks to being seen.

Most All of us have at least one inner part that’s afraid of getting noticed for various reasons.

For instance, I have an inner part that wants me to stay hidden, because, as a kid, being noticed was frequently synonymous with being criticized.

When this part is triggered, it generates a cloud of anxiety to encourage me to stay invisible.

Becoming aware of this part, though, means that I can take care of it in ways that it needed, but didn’t receive, in childhood, and then it’s much less likely to produce anxiety to keep me “safe” and unseen.

To notice your own inner part(s), start by choosing something you’d like to be seen for right now.


You want to post an Instagram Reel, but you’ve never shown up on video before and you’re nervous!

You have an idea for a project that feels exciting, but what if no one likes it?

You need to have a challenging conversation with someone, but you’re super anxious about how they’ll respond.

Close your eyes, and bring that situation to mind…

…and really conjure up the feeling of doing that thing. Where do you notice sensation in your body?

Gently focus on this sensation and see if it coalesces into an image or impression of some kind.

You might see a human figure (e.g. a worried little girl or an angry librarian) or something else (e.g. a purple cloud or a dancing dishrag). Whatever arises is just fine.

Check in: As you observe this part, how do you feel toward it?

If you’re experiencing some mixture of curiosity, compassion or calm, you’re ready to interact with the part. These are good indications that you’re in Self, which is your wise inner presence that is innately healing to any parts it encounters.

If you notice another emotion or agenda, such as wanting to fix or change the part, or worry, fear, impatience, etc–pause.

Ask this emotion or agenda if it will step back a bit so you can return to a state of Self. For example:

“Anger, would you mind stepping back a bit so I can help?”


“Desire to fix things, would you mind stepping back a bit so I can help?”

If multiple emotions or agendas arose, ask them individually to step back.

Once you’re looking at your inner part(s) and feeling curious, compassionate or calm, ask the part (you can repeat this process if more than one appeared):

“What do you need?”

Listen to the part’s story and what it needs from you in order to feel safe.

If the part requests a specific form of support, can you commit to this?

For instance, maybe the part needs to know that if you’re talking to your mom and she starts criticizing you, you’ll ask her to stop and/or end the conversation.

If our parts don’t sense that the Self is taking care of us, they’ll step in to help…

…but because their strategies are much more limited than the Self’s (often originating from when we were very young and had less developed skills and maturity),

they can cause more problems than they fix, like my inner part that was generating anxiety to keep me small and “safe.”

We want to develop a practice of learning what our parts need and finding healthy ways to meet those needs from the Self.

By doing this exercise, you’re getting to know and are healing the parts who are afraid of being seen,

and who equate keeping you small and hidden with keeping you safe.

On this New Moon in Leo, the energy supports you in caring for these parts from the Self.

And when these parts are cared for, you’ll be liberating energy, inspiration and confidence that will help you express your gifts more fully.

There’s no one quite like you, and there never will be again.

The world needs your unique perspective and contribution…

…and your ever-present, wise and unshakeable Self is always available to support you so that it feels safe to be authentically, wonderfully you.

Happy New Moon in Leo!

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