This is my premium newsletter where we’ll be exploring all things magic + psychology…

…specifically with the aim of helping us all cut through fear, procrastination, confusion, and other potholes littering the road to a life well lived, so we can spend less time tripping and more time living.

We’re kicking things off this month with a Jungian Magic deep dive into spirit guides, including:

What are they (are they real or part of your psyche–and is there a difference?)

How to contact them and why you might want to (so many rad reasons, like dissolving creative blocks, peering into your relationship blind spots, etc.)

How to discern wise, helpful guides from the voice of fear and other “demons”

This is material I would ordinarily package into a course, a course that most definitely would not cost only $8, but that’s all it takes to join The Portal

Every month, you’ll get 2-3 thoughtfully crafted Jungian Magic emails that will help you live a magical, psychologically grounded, and inspired life, and you can one-click unsubscribe at any time.

This month’s first email goes out March 10.

My free offerings are shifting from twice monthly to monthly on the Full Moon.

Some upcoming Portal topics to get excited about (I know I am!):

The mystical paths of the Qabala and how they can help you see shitty situations in new ways, choose effective actions, and thereby make things exponentially less shitty.

The Seven Portals of the Tarot and how, like a game of Chutes and Ladders, they can help you find fast-tracks of ease and avoid habitual backsliding.

How to use magic-circle-casting principles to help you kindly, firmly set boundaries without a massive guilt hangover.

And so much more Jungian Magic amazingness!

I’ve named the newsletter The Portal for a reason.

In my own life, whenever things are feeling stuck–maybe I’m racking my brain, trying to figure out how to honor what I need without disappointing someone, and it feels like an uncrackable code–I’ll then experience a Portal Moment, as I’ve come to call them.

Usually it’s when I’m vacuuming or hiking or cooking dinner, thinking about something else entirely, and then–boom!the Massive Problem instantly shifts.

Like stepping through a magical wormhole into an entirely new way of thinking and being, I’m no longer bound by “Well, I could never do this,” or “That can’t possibly work.” Instead, the landscape is a multicolored expanse of possibility with guidance and support everywhere I turn, and I can’t believe said problem ever felt like Such A Big Effing Deal.

This newsletter is a container for that energy to build, not only in my life, but in yours.

It’s a place for new ideas, expanded options, and “I wonder if…?” to take root and flourish, utterly and irrevocably changing our shared landscape for the better.

I’ll see you inside.

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