Last week, I was in Oklahoma City, and I happened upon an incredibly magical art installation that feels very aligned with the current Pisces stellium we’re all swimming in, as well as the Full Moon in Libra.

More on the installation later, but first, let’s talk about this stellium and why it matters

…and then at the end, I’ll give you a simple practice to amp up your intuition and creative flow.

A stellium occurs whenever three or more planets inhabit one sign.

So, the Pisces stellium means that at least three planets are hangin’ out in Pisces right now.

The stellium actually began back in February, and starting tomorrow, April 15, it’ll be a full house with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all in Pisces.

So, what kind of astro party is this?

Well, Pisces turns up the dial on our emotions.

We might be more dreamy and imaginative, more in our feels, and perhaps a little unclear at times as to what we, ourselves, are feeling versus what we’re picking up from the people around us.

With Neptune and Jupiter conjunct (which, btw, hasn’t happened in Pisces since 1856 and won’t happen again until 2188), we’re experiencing expansion and blessings around the mystical and the intuitive.

We might be feeling a strong urge to seek out healing and transformation, dive more deeply into our spiritual practice (perhaps pull out the tarot cards this weekend?), or press refresh on areas that feel stale or stagnant.

It might also be a little trickier to stay grounded

This can show up as a tad too much escapism (binge watching a fave show can be super restorative at times, but sometimes it’s a substitute for dealing with stuff that legit needs our attention)…

or idealism (this is the way things SHOULD be!! Never mind how they currently are).

With Venus on the guest list, there’s an emphasis on heart-centered connection and a desire for beauty (and maybe some romance!).

Add Mars to the Piscean mix, and we could be needing a more go-with-the-flow approach when it comes to our goals…

…along with a felt sense that this is truly what we want. Simply forcing ourselves to go through the motions will likely feel extra frustrating and meh right now.

So, what to do with all this astro info?

Well, this brings us back to the art installation I saw at Factory Obscura.

The exhibit, called Seed Reef, was a coral reef constructed from folded paper, knit yarn, fabrics, and more, all bathed in otherworldly colored lights.

Meandering through the space, taking in the mesmerizing array of handmade details, I felt my energy undulating in an interesting way

With each new detail I discovered, I felt my energy condense, hyperfocusing like a lens as I became verrrry present with whatever was right in front of me.

And as I engaged with each thing, taking in the textures, the colors, seeing how they interacted with the lights and sounds, then felt my energy rapidly expand outward into sparkly, creative ideas and possibilities.

(By the time I left, I had about a dozen writing ideas and a new course I wanted to create, and my heart felt open, soft, and attuned to possibility.)

Just like the tides, this energetic dance continued as I moved throughout the reef.

Focused presence and imaginative expansion.

Presence + expansion. Presence + expansion.

And I could feel, very clearly, that both were necessary.

I couldn’t enjoy the bursts of inspiration and ideas without the interludes of slowing down and giving my full attention to whatever was in front of me.

Tap into the magic:

During this watery, flowy, expansive time, can you find ways throughout your day to pause, breathe, and pay full attention to what’s happening in the moment, even just for 10 seconds?

Think of these moments like little downloads, a way to reap the full benefit of the healing, transformative, and creative energy we’re immersed in right now.

Don’t discount the process if you’re not experiencing dazzling insights during your download moments.

Simply focus on what’s in front of you.

Pretend that whatever you’re looking at or feeling into is the most interesting thing in existence right now, and only by paying close attention will you uncover just how interesting it truly is.

You get to pick what to focus on:

Maybe right now, it feels good to look out the windowreally look, and notice a detail you might otherwise ignore.

(When I did this just now, I saw a cardinal tenderly feeding another cardinal, and I nearly fainted from the cuteness.)

Or perhaps you want to close your eyes for a few breaths and name what you’re noticing in your body.

Or pretend you’re stoned and look at your hands, noticing each tiny variation in your skin.

Slow down and give your full attention to this moment.

Trust that, by doing this periodically, you’re giving all of the energies of expansion and insight a place to land, to settle, to percolate into your awareness.

You might notice that as you do this, you have more creative ideas, ah-ha moments, and useful dreams.

Here’s to new possibilities.

Happy Full Moon!

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