The Emissaries of the Unknown

The Law of the Secret Door is something I guarantee you’re familiar with…you just might not realize it. In stories, especially archetypally rich stories like fairy tales, if someone is told, “Hey, so there’s this Secret Door over there and you mustn’t, under any circumstances, for realsies, I mean it, ever ever ever open that …

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Reclaiming Your Power

What gives a person power over you? For instance, have you ever been afraid to tell your parents about a decision you’ve made–say, you’re going back to school or changing jobs or breaking up with your partner–even though you’re a grown-ass adult? Why should it matter if they approve? For most of us, regardless of …

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A tarot spread for unblocking

I’m obsessed with the creative process. I love thinking about how I create, what works, what doesn’t, reading about other people’s creative processes, watching other people work–you name it. The Aries Full Moon offers potent go-get-some energy that can help us kick off projects with a fiery focus, but sustaining this energy to completion can …

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