For the Full Moon in Pisces, let’s get emotional.

But more specifically, let’s feel our own emotions instead of taking on other people’s. 

Today, I’ve got two techniques that will help you do this: 

  1. How to tell the difference between your stuff versus someone else’s, so you’re not taking on energy that doesn’t belong to you. 
  2. A simple-yet-potent practice that clears out other people’s energy using the Moon’s power.  

Let’s get to it. 

What’s yours, what’s mine?

I was recently catching up with a friend, sharing a big learn I’d had within the last six months.

It was a lesson that involved no small amount of pain, but the growth it initiated felt huge to me. 

As I was talking, my friend began to chuckle and shake their head amusedly. 

In the past, I would have really struggled to stay in touch with what I was feeling…

…and instead, I’d engage in all sorts of mental gymnastics to try and figure out what was going on with my friend (or more specifically, how to make it stop). 

This time though, I checked in: What am I feeling right now?

Hurt. Confused. Self-conscious about what appeared to be my friend laughing at me as I shared something difficult. 

With that information, I had options. Did I want to share my feelings? Did I need to set a boundary, asking them not to laugh while I was talking about something sensitive? 

Here’s how I chose to respond: “Hey, I’m feeling pretty self-conscious about your response. Can you tell me what that means?”

From there, we were able to have an open conversation, whereas in the past, I could have easily simmered in hurt and resentment, pulling away from the connection. 

Or I might have stuffed down my feelings and tried to change my friend’s response by defensively explaining my position, like a lawyer building her case.  

Figuring out what’s yours

In interactions, there are four primary energies that are easy to mix up:

  1. Our own feelings.
  1. The other person’s feelings.
  1. Our perception of what the other person is feeling.
  1. Our response–both internal and external–to #2 and #3.

This might seem overly nitpicky, but here’s why it’s important:

When a situation appears complicated, nine times out of ten it’s because we’re overly focused on everything but number one–our own thoughts and feelings. 

We’re too busy trying to figure out what’s going on for the other person and how we can manage, change or control it.

This is often due to unconscious programming that says unless we can manage, change or control what they’re feeling, we won’t be able to feel okay. 

Here’s the thing:

Being present with our own feelings, even if they’re unpleasant, is incredibly calming to our inner system. 

The simple (yet not always easy!) act of staying present for ourselves can be surprisingly grounding and calming, and we often have much greater clarity around how we want to respond.

Before I learned how to be present with my own feelings, I could spend hours dissecting situations with friends, trying to figure out what I should do from every possible angle. 

Simply asking ourselves, “Okay, what am I feeling right now?” often makes 99% of that analysis unnecessary, because our emotions help us discern what we need in the moment. 

And here’s the key:

Feeling our own emotions brings clarity. Feeling other people’s emotions has the opposite effect. 

If our system is flooded with someone else’s energy, it will always feel complicated AF. 

So that’s the first step: asking yourself, “Okay, what am I feeling right now?”

The second practice is great to do on the Full Moon…

…but you can do it anytime. You’re going to set up an energetic magnet that will suck other people’s energy out of your aura, effectively neutralizing and dissolving it.

To start, choose an image for your magnet, something you’ll picture whenever you need to activate it.

I like to visualize one of those extra-strength cartoon horseshoe magnets, but use whatever works for you!

Under the light of the Full Moon (you can also do this indoors, imagining the Moon’s energy penetrating through the building), see your magnet hovering above the crown of your head. 

Feel the Moon’s energy saturating the magnet as you focus on the intention that, when activated, the magnet will instantaneously draw out any energy from your field that doesn’t belong to you

Really focus on that intention as the Moon’s energy powers up the magnet. 

When this process feels complete, thank the Moon and let the magnet imagery fade, knowing you can easily call it up anytime you need to. 

Whenever you feel yourself getting muddled with someone else’s energy, activate your magnet.

Picture it above your head and intend that it’s instantaneously removing all energy that doesn’t belong to you. 

This practice will leave you feeling more centered in your own power, which makes knowing how you want to respond in any situation a gazillion times easier. 

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

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