Today, we’re going to explore the energetics of Summer Solstice…

…and look at why it’s such a potent time for manifestation.

If you have your notes from last week’s Full Moon, you can use those insights to inspire your Solstice manifesting. We’ll get to that shortly.

But first, we need to travel back in time…

…all the way to the second century BCE. We’re looking for an ancient text called The Book of the Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries.

Within its pages, we follow Enoch as he is instructed in the mysteries of astronomy by Archangel Uriel.

Twelve doors Uriel showed me, open in the circumference of the sun’s chariot in the heaven, through which the rays of the sun break forth: and from them is warmth diffused over the earth, when they are opened at their appointed seasons.

Archangel Uriel by Peter Mohrbacher

This imagery maps the movement of the sun as it passes from one zodiac sign to the next throughout the course of the year.

To visualize this, think of a round room with twelve windows along its circumference.

The sun is in the center of the room, and as time marches on, one window is opened–the window of Aries, allowing the sun’s light to beam forth from this portal…

…then this window is closed, and the next is opened, the window of Taurus, and the sun’s light shines through this portal, its energy infused with the qualities of Taurus. And so on, as the wheel of time turns.

From here, we might replace this modern room with a Neolithic stone circle, the light of the sun piercing successive openings between the massive stones as the seasons shift. Magical, isn’t it? 🙂

Let’s dig a little deeper into this sacred geometry to see how it relates to the potency of energy at the Summer Solstice.

The circle is a powerful symbol in cultures the world over. It represents wholeness and eternity. We see this circle in the astrological chart.

But the square is also an important symbol, one that represents our space-time world, the here and now, in contrast to the infinity of the circle.

It’s often easier to grasp the symbolism of the circle. Its endless circumference with no beginning or end intuitively resonates with the concept of infinity.

But what about the square? How does that relate to the finite here and now?

Well, think about how you move through the world.

Let’s say you step inside a building you’ve never been to before. Chances are, your first impulse is to look in front of you, then to your right and left, getting a sense of the space around you.

You already know where you came from–the space behind you–so you now have the four directions mapped in your mind, and you feel more situated in time and space.

Jung saw deep, archetypal significance in fourness…

…using it as the basis of his typology. If you’ve ever taken the Myers-Briggs, this is based on Jung’s four functions of sensation, feeling, thinking, and intuition.

Let’s take these shapes and map them onto an astrological chart.

The circle forms the ring of existence, the endless procession with no beginning or end.

To help us orient within infinity, we might start by marking out our four directions, astrologically signifying the Ascendent, Imum Coeli/Nadir, Descendent, and Medium Coeli or Midheaven.

Where these two shapes intersect, we have a meeting of infinity with the here and now–very energetically loaded points, which is where we find ourselves today, on Summer Solstice.

If we think about this in terms of manifestation…

…infinity represents endless possibility and the absolute existence of everything that was, is, and will ever be.

In other words, anything we could ever conceive of manifesting is already in existence, somewhere, somewhen.

And when the circle of infinity touches the square of the here and now, we have the opportunity to channel the energies we need into time and space.

So today, take some time to focus on what you’re calling into your life.

You might look at your notes from the Full Moon, in which you identified an area where your life force might be snagging on obstructions.

What do you need to support yourself, so you can heal and release those obstructions?

Call that into your life today.

Solstice blessings!

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