The waxy smell of crayons. Crisp notebook paper. Perfectly pink erasers. Is there anything better than the aesthetic of a fresh school year?? If you’re a nerd like me, and you love getting syllabi so you can start planning out your entire life, below is what we’ll be covering in Enchantment Lab, which starts August 1 on the supermoon.

One disclaimer: This isn’t 100% set in stone, because I want to leave wiggle room for intuitive changes and input from my guides, but I can say that we will certainly cover all of these topics, just perhaps not in this order, and I might add a fun topic or two.

(Stick around to the end for the weird/cool bonus.)

We’re definitely doing this topic in August, so you’ll need a card deck (tarot or oracle, ideally one without “meanings” or keywords printed on the card) and a pendulum. The latter can be as DIY as a metal washer tied to a string.

You’ll learn how to use these tools to access practical, relevant guidance, so you can choose your next steps with clarity and confidence.

While inspirational messages are lovely (and can be super helpful at times), this approach to divination is less “we are all one” or “you are loved” (true, though!) and more “here’s how to handle that situaysh at work,” and also, “here’s what that work stuff reveals about deeper patterns.”

If you suspect dreams are important, but:

  • You can’t remember them at all or very well
  • Trying to interpret them feels like navigating a funhouse maze on shrooms

…this lesson is for you. Dreams reveal a directed, purposeful agent in the psyche that can perceive what the ego cannot. Whether you view this agent as your unconscious, your higher self, god–the fact remains that you are not left to puzzle out life on your own. And after learning how to effectively interpret your dreams in this lesson, you will experience this ever-present assistance first hand.

For instance, just last night, my dream revealed something I’ve been doing that’s impeding the hell out of my novel revisions, something my ego believed to be 100% necessary, but really, it was just a form of hiding (i.e., never finishing the book so I’ll be safe from potential rejection). Letting this “mandatory” thing go already feels like a massive relief. Thanks, dream!

Have you ever wondered why so many magical practices involve some form of consciousness altering, be it through meditation, chanting, dancing, psychedelics, creating a “witchy” mood with candles and incense, and so forth? Why might magic work better in this altered state?

The unconscious aspects of the psyche, which FAR outnumber the bits of consciousness we identify with, are like the rudder of the ship that is our life. Or, perhaps more accurately, they’re both the rudder and the sea we’re sailing through. If we don’t have a way to effectively interact with these forces, we are at the whims of the ocean, or as Jung famously said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Spellwork and other forms of magic are a time-tested method for partnering with the unconscious to steer your life ship, and in this lesson we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into practical enchantments.

We’ve already covered the basics of sigils in The Portal, and you’ll have access to those “back issues” when you sign up, but in this lesson we’re going to hone our magical abilities by focusing on proper target selection. This is one of the most important of all magical skills, and not only for sigil work.

Why? Choosing crappy targets puts you at a disadvantage right from the get-go. Chaos magician Gordon White offers a great example of spellcasting to win the lottery but failing to hit the jackpot. “If you consider your results probabilistically, they did work…Your lottery spell worked. It dropped your chances down from 1 in 328 million to 1 in 24 million. You still lost. You chose a silly target.”

How often do we cast spells for things like, “I make $300k working from home by the end of this year,” and our starting point is working part-time for less than $2k a month? It’s not that our goal is entirely impossible, but the needle has to be moved quite a lot and in a relatively short period of time.

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to choose smarter, smaller targets that will paradoxically get us to our goals faster.

It’s hard to be an effective witch, magician, or muggle if your energy body has more leaks than a wicker canoe. One of the biggest energy drains? Poor boundaries. We cannot be effective in our lives without boundaries–full stop. In this lesson, you’ll learn the telltale signs of energy leaks (i.e., where supportive boundaries are needed), so you can plug those bad boys up!

We’ll also explore how ancestral and childhood patterns might be clouding your vision, causing you to focus a disproportionate amount of energy on low ROI (return on investment) pursuits.

Learning how to spot these wheel-spinning situations and extricating yourself from their illusory power (confusingly, they often feel REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT, even though they’re not at all) can return staggering amounts of energy back to your system, where it can be put to much better use.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a way of working with different, often conflicting parts of your psyche, many of which came into being when you were quite young (translation: they’re not well equipped to navigate adult situations). When we don’t have tools for connecting to and supporting these parts, their programming is running 24/7, influencing our every thought, feeling, and behavior.

But when we do connect with these inner parts, we witness just how resilient our psyches can be and how much change and growth is possible, often with less effort than we expected because we’re no longer swimming upstream against deeply entrenched programming.

You’ll learn how to care for your inner parts in this lesson, and then we’ll dive into one of my all-time favorite practices: working magic with your parts.

Imagine, for instance, meeting an inner part responsible for a serious procrastination habit, one that routinely derails your career and creative goals while eroding your self-confidence. After working with this part, it agrees to lend its energy–all the energy that once fueled that potent procrastination–to a spell that supports your book-writing goal instead.

I simply cannot overstate how powerful this form of magic can be.

I still remember the first time I did a tarot reading as a baby witch and, finally, I wasn’t reaching every two seconds for the little booklet or scrolling through my mental filing cabinet, trying to remember the “right” meanings. Instead, I felt–I knew–that I was in dialogue with the cards and with other forces speaking through their symbolism. These weren’t flashcards; they were conversation starters.

The querent emailed me a couple months later, gushing over the accuracy of the messages, and that reading marked a real turning point for me. Looking at my journals from that time, I can see the beginnings of a shift from using magic more mechanistically (“Insert energy here; push button, receive desired outcome”) to seeing it as a way of describing and participating in a conversation that was unfolding all the time with Everything That Is.

The more I tuned into this frequency, the better life worked, simple as that. In this lesson, we’ll look at how to participate in the conversation of magic that’s happening all the time, so you can benefit from this web of relations and craft your best life.

And now for the bonuses!

Starting with the less-weird one: Q&As. Feel like you’re hitting a roadblock in your tarot interpretations? Struggling with dreamwork? Not sure if your spell target is a dud? Ask away! I’ll reply to questions in a monthly email, and they’ll be edited to remove any identifying details.

The second bonus is far out…in an astral sense. 😉 If you’ve been around a while, you’ve heard me mention the Inner Sanctuary, which is my home base on the astral plane. (​I show you how to access yours here.​)

I also have a Business Sanctuary which is–you guessed it–my business HQ on the astral. I do all sorts of things there, like commune with the spirits of the courses, books, and other materials I create to ensure the information I’m bringing through is genuinely helpful.

I have a dedicated space in my Business Sanctuary for The Portal newsletter (if only I could take an astral screenshot and show you what it looks like!), and a team of guides has volunteered to work specifically with those who are taking part in Enchantment Lab.

At the start of the course, I’ll show you how to contact these beings…

…should you choose to, so you can ask them questions or request help as you work with the tarot, interpret your dreams, etc. These guides volunteered because each of them is particularly skilled in one or more of the topics we’re covering.

If you’re familiar with the concept of an egregore, this is similar. Collectively, our magical efforts are gathering energy on the astral, and I have structured Enchantment Lab’s astral space in partnership with these guides to ensure that all energy is organized in accordance with the highest good, harming none.

What does this mean in practical terms? Well, you might find that your efforts, magical and mundane, have more oomph because they are, for lack of a better metaphor, plugged into a bigger, zingier wall outlet. We’ll talk more about this in the lessons, but I’m excited to be able to share these spirit relationships with you!

Ready to join us?

​Sign up here​, and the first lesson lands in your inbox on August 1 (a supermoon and the feast day of Lammas = rad vibes).

Remember, you’ll need a tarot or oracle deck of choice and a pendulum for Lesson 1.

See you in Lab!

Melissa xx

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