Scorpio Full Moon Ritual

As a Scorpio Moon myself, I know all too well the emotional, er, intensity this sign can bring. 

But it also reveals insight-rich pathways to our shadow side…

…helping us identify where and how we’re being called to cut ties with the shit that drains us dry.

Fear of missing out can be a toxic magnetic charge…

…compelling us to stick around for things that have long overstayed their welcome. 

Whether it’s relationship patterns that leave your energy feeling like a wrung-out sponge,

money stressors that make it hard to think about much else,

or anything that no longer serves you…

…the Scorpio Full Moon provides an energetic boost to do what I like to call quitting cleanly.

When we’re stuck in a loop, chasing all the things we think we should be doing…

…it’s hard to have the clarity or energy to truly devote ourselves to our soul’s calling. 

And this, in turn, results in our efforts not having anywhere near the impact we’d like.

We’ll feel as if our wheels are spinning as we dabble in this or that, never really sure how to create inspired, forward-moving traction. 

To shift this, we need to get clear on what we’re not choosing to do. 

Think of this like a powerful energetic pruning.

When we have a dozen options simmering on the back burner, our stove ends up looking like a hot mess, and this can manifest as:

Having loads of ideas but little clarity on where to start

Insufficient energy to see projects through to completion

Ending every day feeling like we barely scratched the surface of our to-do list

Struggling with envy towards people who appear to be living the life we want

The Scorpio Moon Ritual

On this Scorpio Full Moon, grab a sheet of paper and do something to mark the occasion:

Light some incense or a candle, cast a witch’s circle, ring a bell–whatever works best for you. 

Center yourself with a few rounds of slow, steady breaths, feeling yourself coming more fully into your body.

Now, list on your paper all of the things hanging over your head in an amorphous cloud of options…

…all the things that you could do, maybe, someday, you just don’t seem to have the time or money or whatever for them right now.

If there’s anything you’ve been trying to “should” yourself into doing, but you just can’t seem to start (or finish), add it to your list. 

As you write, you might notice areas in your body where this tangled up, constricted energy has been stored, perhaps a clenching in your jaw or a gripping in your belly.

Simply notice these areas with gentle curiosity and send a little breath there.

When your list feels complete, close your eyes, and take a few moments to connect inward. Then, thank all of these options for existing, expressing gratitude that they’ve inspired desire and passion. 

And now, it’s time to say goodbye. 

If you’re already feeling separation anxiety, know this:

You are not cutting these things out of your life forever and ever. You’re simply releasing them for now, freeing stagnant energy so it can return to your life in new, more relevant ways.

Gently open your eyes and read each item on your list with a farewell. 

“Thank you and goodbye, videography class.” 

“Thank you and goodbye, guilt over not wanting to be friends with Zane anymore.”

“Thank you and goodbye, community coalition position.”

You can burn the paper if you have a means to do so safely, or tear it into tiny shreds and flush it down the toilet or put it in the recycling bin.

Then, close your eyes once more and feel the Scorpio Full Moon bathing you in its energy, dissolving any energetic cords and attachments to things that no longer serve. 

I sometimes receive a vision of Scorpion deftly severing energetic ties as it moves, 360-degrees, around my aura. 

When the experience feels complete, intend that your energy returns to a state that is correct and good for you. Thank the Moon and Scorpion for their power and guidance. 

Following this ritual, pay attention to + journal insights that arise regarding follow-up actions you need to take. 

For example, you might receive guidance for your community coalition resignation email/call, or suddenly see how to exit your friendship with Zane in a way that is emotionally clear and kind to both of you. 

It’s important to take these actions in order to maintain your newly clarified + balanced energy…

…and don’t be afraid to ask for help–from the Moon, Scorpion, your Wise Self, any guides you work with, or the other humans in your life! 

There’s no need to walk this path alone, dear witch. You are supported in every moment by forces seen and unseen, and you have only to ask. 

Saying goodbye to what no longer serves is a radical act, communicating to your entire being: “I am worthy of care and love.”

The more you adopt this inner stance of self-care:

the more clear your next steps will be,

the more energy you’ll have to take them,

and the greater your impact will be.

Happy Scorpio Moon!