What is Jungian Magic?

In short, it’s a way to accelerate and deepen your magical practice (cast life-changing spells, laser-hone your intuition, craft amazingly effective rituals, and more) by applying the wisdom of Jungian psychology.

For instance, instead of fighting against your unconscious, hoping to override entrenched patterning by adding more and more energy to a spell, you can partner with it instead.

And when the unconscious lends its fathomless wellspring of energy to your spells, let me tell you–anything is possible.

Get started with Jungian Magic

I’ve created a series of posts, guiding you on a mystical journey. They’re woven with magical storytelling, designed to help you tap into a more curious and creative state of consciousness as you read (a must-have for effective magical workings).

Along the way, you’ll discover a special map and three secret keys, the basic ingredients of Jungian Magic.

I’ve also created free downloadable guides, showing you how to use each of the three keys. You’ll encounter them throughout the journey, or you can scroll to the bottom of this page and access them all at once.

Let the journey begin…

1. Are You Living Your Most Magical Life?

Sneak peek: Locating yourself on the mystic’s map, the hidden book in the tower, and relearning the language of your soul

2. The Bureau of Interconnected Meaning

Sneak peek: Glimpsing your psychic blueprint, a long-forgotten diary is revealed, and activating your divine algorithm

3. The First Key of Jungian Magic

Sneak peek: Astral traveling to the felted forest, altering your psychic blueprint, and crafting a soul-led life

4. The Second Key of Jungian Magic

Sneak peek: Piercing the veil of reality, entering the cave of Asclepius, and divining your future in dreams

5. The Third Key of Jungian Magic

Sneak peek: Revealing the gods of old, the magic of the Scribe, and connecting your threads of meaning

6. Mastering Jungian Magic

Sneak peek: Unleashing the power of the keys, the deepest layers of your psyche, and departure from the Ordinary World

Download your free Jungian Magic guides

If you’re ready to skillfully wield the Three Keys of Jungian Magic, download your free guides to begin.