Enchant: A Course in Radically Effective Spells

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People have been casting spells for thousands of years.

Why? Because they work

Spells hold the power to transform self-doubt and painful limitations…

into authentically sharing your gifts and attracting dazzling, soulful success like the extraordinary magical creator you were always meant to be.

This isn’t just delusional, wishful thinking. 

When you pair the ancient (i.e. time-tested) spiritual technology of spells…

with the potent insights of Jungian psychology

What you get is an unstoppable formula

for changing any aspect of your life without all the self-doubt and anxious overanalyzing.

I’ll never forget the very first spell I ever cast.

As a “baby” witch, I was fortunate to work with a Roma woman who schooled me in witchcraft and tarot. 

One night, she asked me to go home and practice casting a spell with what I’d learned. 

I needed $542 to pay a looming bill, so this seemed as good a place to start as any. 

My altar was a desk in the corner of our cramped apartment, and I was surprised to find my hands shaking as I lit the candles, pulling out the tiny paper scroll with my spell’s intention in green and gold ink. 

Would this actually work??

Well, two days later, I received a new-client request for a web design project. And their budget? $540. 

My stomach burst into giddy butterflies, my mind racing: Did this seriously just happen? 

And since the answer was clearly yes…what else was possible?

But something soon became glaringly obvious…  

Over years of painstaking trial and error, I came to see that spellcasting was often eerily effective…

But making the changes stick? That was another story. 

It’s one thing to get money for rent this month…

but it’s another thing entirely to radically transform your relationship to money, healing chronic financial insecurity at its very core. 

Jungian Spellcasting does precisely that by shifting the hidden psychological blueprint that underpins everything you think, feel, and do. 

Learn how to work with this, and your entire life becomes a shockingly potent spell. 

Hi, I’m Melissa…

Author and Jungian Witch

And I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you get out of their own way and become an unstoppable force for positive change.

Enchant condenses what I’ve learned through years of study in witchcraft + Jungian psychology, plus countless hours of trial + error (exploding cauldron setting off fire alarm? check!).

I’ve distilled it all down to what works, and now I want to give you the Jungian spellcasting tools that can change. your. life.

Conventional spellcasting too often fights against your psychology, trying to “fix” what isn’t actually broken in the first place.

Besides the soul-draining pain of viewing yourself as a disappointing problem that needs to be solved…

if you’ve ever tried to change something, perhaps countless times…

only to find yourself dealing with the same patterns, day in and day out: 

Like the frustration of never being able to surpass a certain income threshold

Or the thrill of meeting someone who seems worlds apart from your ex, only to find yourself embroiled in the same old shit

Or the chronic anxiety of hiding your authenticity for fear of what others might think, all the while seeing your one-of-a-kind gifts growing faint in the shadows 

…it’s all too easy to lose hope and feel that, try as you might, you’ll never claw your way free of these cycles. 

But here’s the thing:

You already possess precisely what you need in order to change: your psyche. 

You just need to know how to use it. 

Enchant flips conventional spellcasting inside-out to electrify your magical potency.

It’s a ten-week course that transforms your relationship to the unconscious through a potent combo of:

effective practical exercises


astral-plane meditations


deep-diving magical lectures

Once you understand how to request (and receive) the intuitive guidance + energy you need from your unconscious in order to thrive…

You’ll learn how to channel these insights and energies directly into your spells. 

This heals deep-seated patterns at their core and initiates positive change far beyond the scope of any individual spell.  

Here’s a lesson-by-lesson breakdown…

(Lessons combine magical lectures in text + audio format, meditation and journal-based exercises, and Q&A videos.)

Lesson One: The three tools of radical spellcasting

Lands in your inbox April 19

We start out by gathering the three crucial tools you’ll need to supercharge your spellwork:

One: The Night House

The Night House is your astral home base.

It’s where you’ll directly interact with your conscious + unconscious psyche, unlocking important insights and accessing energies to power your magic.

The astral is where spells initially take shape, so learning how to travel to the locus of your astral power will transform your spells from the inside out. 

Two: The Matrix of Meaning

If you were a fish, your matrix of meaning is the water you’re swimming in. 

It influences everything you think, say and do, yet most of us are entirely blind to its existence. 

Like Neo waking up in The Matrix, you’ll learn how to see your matrix of meaning and shift its structure at the astral level to unleash a tidal wave of focused magical energy for your spells. 

Three: Inner Psychic Parts

Using the life-changing framework of Internal Family Systems therapy, you’ll learn how to dialogue with inner parts that, when unconscious, can tear your inner world apart with their contradictory agendas.

For example, you might have an anxious, I’m-never-enough part whipping you into perpetual action to prove your worth…

…battling it out with a just-take-it-easy, procrastination part who encourages you to get stoned for some much needed relaxation. 

When these parts operate unconsciously, you’ll be stuck in a reactive, energy-zapping cycle. 

But when you learn how to work with these parts, now you can choose when and how you want to work or chill, without the compulsivity, anxiety, and shame. 

With these three core concepts in place, you’ll use them to…

Lesson Two: Unravel your deepest patterns

Lands in your inbox May 3

We’ll do a deep dive into the unconscious, pinpointing the patterns holding you back from your magical birthright of power + purpose

You’ll learn potent exercises for disentangling what might otherwise feel like impossibly complex ancestral memories and psychological dynamics…

and clearly see the unconscious rules dictating what you believe is and isn’t possible in all areas of your life. 

These techniques make up the Pre-Enchantment Phase—the crucial foundation for radically effective spells. 

And with that in place, you’re now ready to… 

Lesson Three: Turn your psyche into an unstoppable magical ally

Lands in your inbox May 17

This is the beating heart of Enchant, where you’ll learn how to effectively dialogue with your inner parts. 

This is different than simply going within and mentally talking to your ego with the ego (a bit circular, no?). 

Instead, you’ll learn how to listen to the parts who are trapped in the past by rigid, unconscious rules…

acting out ancestral pain in the vain hope that, this time, maybe it will work. 

When you hear their stories, longings, and hidden motivations…

you’ll be perfectly positioned to change these once-hidden patterns. 

And not through the familiar exhaustion of white-knuckled, willpowered, short-lived change, either.

When you learn how to truly work with your inner parts, they want to change and they will

This is how a family-boundaries spell ended up releasing my sugar addiction and compulsive binge shopping, while paying down my student loans to boot. 

My inner parts tied to those boundaries were also carrying the sugar and shopping compulsions, and when they shifted, all of the related patterns did, too. (More on this later.)

Once you know how to effectively heal your inner parts, then..

Lesson Four: It’s time to cast a Jungian Spell, witches!

Lands in your inbox May 31

Here, we get to the meat (or tofu) of spellcasting. 

We put the ingredients of conventional spellcasting (crafting an intention + raising energy + directing and releasing that energy) under the Jungian microscope…

And we explore what’s occurring psychologically/magically when we do these things. 

For instance, what’s really going on in the psyche when we “raise energy”?

And how can we use this understanding to powerfully enhance the process?

This is what sets Jungian Spellcasting apart from other forms of magic: 

A deep inquiry into the underlying psychic mechanics, so you’re never just going through the magical motions–you’re making every magical action count

Now, once you cast the spell, there’s one more crucial thing you need to learn…

Lesson Five: How to stop derailing your spells after you cast

Lands in your inbox June 14 (last lesson)

Most anyone can learn to cast a spell with just some basic how-tos. 

But it’s what you do after you cast that separates ho-hum spells from shockingly successful ones. 

It’s an all-too common mistake:

Draining your spells of energy before they have a chance to fully manifest. 

This can range from spells not working at all, to realizing only a fraction of their true potential. 

In either case, this isn’t a sign that you suck at spellcasting–it simply means you don’t yet have the tools to keep your magic going strong, all the way to the finish line…

which is precisely what you’ll know how to do like a seasoned spellcasting pro after Lesson Five. 

P.S. When you’re short on time, the bonus Spell Troubleshooting Guide in this lesson will help you pinpoint where your spell went sideways…and how to fix it. 

Believe it or not, your psyche knows exactly what you need to transform pain into bliss.

(And its messages are hiding in plain sight.)

One of Jung’s most powerful insights was that the unconscious, far from being a mishmash of nonsensical irrationality…

…is intelligently responding to your conscious experience, moment by moment, from a divine, whole-ing perspective that far surpasses the ego’s limited understanding. 

When you learn how to “read” these responses (a potent form of divination in its own right), you unlock the deepest patterns governing your life…

and more importantly, you learn how to change them.

Underlying all chronically frustrating experiences is what’s known as unconscious spellcasting.

(And it can be fixed.)

When we don’t know how to speak the language of the unconscious, we (unintentionally) engage in what’s known as unconscious spellcasting.

The examples above of chronic frustration with limited income potential or the pain of playing out repetitive cycles with lovers…

These are all forms of unconscious spells. 

We’ll get into the nitty gritty of how this works in the course (and how to heal these maddening cycles, once and for all)…

but the short version is that without the ability to read the unique map of your unconscious territory, you’ll be stuck in frustrating loops

Like a hiker without her compass, circling back to the same forest clearing with a nagging anxiety that she’s been here before

There is another way, one that works with, not against, the immense power of the unconscious.

In Enchant, you’ll learn how to read the map of your unconscious… 

and transform this wisdom into the power to change anything.

And not only will your spells be radically more effective, but also…

their positive impact will extend further than you ever thought possible.

A personal example that shocked me: 

Inspired by the insights from the Clones R Us exercise you’ll learn in Lesson Two, which allows you to access previously hidden family patterns…

I decided to cast a spell to shift a long-standing, painful dynamic with a family member.  

Not only did that relationship change dramatically, I was better able to set boundaries in all of my relationships and…

–here’s the trippy bit–

my sugar addiction, for which I’d tried every healing strategy under the sun for years, finally dissolved…

and my Amazon stress-shopping binges completely disappeared, allowing me to pay down student loans in record time. 

In other words, with these techniques, your spellcasting will yield far greater results with less time and less effort. 

This is the reward for working with, not against, your psychology. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Enchant

Five bi-weekly lessons in PDF and audio format

Choose how to absorb the material in a way that works for you. Curl up with the text and a cup of tea, or grab some headphones and listen on the go. 

Lessons are focused on what will get you the most change with the least time and effort. This isn’t about spiritual busy work.

I want to get the necessary tools and know-how into your hands so you can start casting spells that work

Guided audio meditations

Each of the meditation-based exercises will come as separate audio files so you can easily cue them up whenever you like–no need to dig through the full-length class audio to find them.

The more you do these carefully curated practices, the more your spellcasting will improve, so I’ve done everything I can to ensure the content is at-your-fingertips accessible. 

Five recorded Q&A videos

Have questions along the way? Great! I’ll cover them all in comprehensive Q&A videos that are yours to keep forever.

You’ll get the personalized support you need to squeeze every last bit of magical juice from the course so you can spellcast like a BOSS

Jungian Spellcasting BONUSES

I’ve included bonus appendices with juicy extras, like working with fun tarot spreads to enhance your spellwork and a comprehensive Spell Troubleshooting Guide

(Not sure if you used the right energy-raising method for this particular spell? Worried that your intention has activated powerful, spell-crushing pushback from the unconscious? Never fear, the Troubleshooting Guide’s got you covered.)

These appendices allow me to squeeze in loads of spell enhancers while keeping the lessons streamlined and easy to digest. You can always skip this bonus content if you’re short on time and come back to it whenever you like!

Bonus Lesson: Bliss Activation

Bliss Activation is a potent practice combining depth psychology with energy repatterning techniques from the Hermetic tradition of Ceremonial Magick.

Bliss Activation works with a very specific aspect of your matrix of meaning, one that will powerfully block successful spellcasting as long as it remains unconscious.

Shift this, and your energetic ability to magnetize the support + resources you need skyrockets.

The class is yours to keep, forever.

Are you ready to cast radically effective spells?

Class begins April 19.

Let’s do this, witches. 

It’s time to stop struggling after the life you want, and it’s time to start living it.

Your time and energy are simply too precious, and the gifts you’re here to share–the world needs them now, not at some hypothetical “later” when the ego finally feels ready.

(Spoiler alert: The ego will never feel ready.)

It requires whole-istic guidance from the unconscious or it will forever spin its self-doubting wheels.

Once you learn how to work with, not against, your psychology…

your wounds, your past, your fears and frustrations–they become your greatest magical allies.

Registration is now closed.


Q: When does class start, and how often do lessons go out?

Your first lesson will be emailed to you on Monday, April 19 (when the Sun enters Taurus, btw), and future lessons go out every other Monday. 

Each lesson runs for two weeks. Midway through, I’ll email out a Q&A video answering any spellcasting questions you’ve submitted. There are five lessons total, and the last lesson hits your inbox June 14.

Here’s a snapshot of each two-week lesson period:

Q: What if I’m brand new to spells? Or what if I’m really experienced–is this class for me?

While some of my courses speak specifically to either a beginner or a more advanced student, Enchant is a little different. If you’re brand new to spells, I provide everything you need to get started and progress to a level of mastery. 

And if you’re a more advanced practitioner, this class will deepen your skills by equipping you with the psychological rationale for doing this versus that, and how to choose what’s best for the magical task at hand.

The lessons will enhance not only your spellwork but your magical practice as a whole.   

Q: I’m a busy witch. Does this class require a ton of time? 

I’ve purposely organized the material to ensure that you’ll achieve max improvements to your spellcasting without spending boatloads of time on exercises. There’s zero spiritual busy work here.  

I’ve also adjusted each lesson’s length based on the content. For example, in Lesson Two, where you’ll be learning journal-based exercises to map your unique psychological patterning (something that takes time to complete), the overall lesson is kept a bit shorter so you’re not overloaded.

That said, you’ll see the biggest improvements to your spellcasting if you give yourself time to really engage with the process. Plan on spending roughly 1-2 hours reading or listening to each lesson, and then anywhere from 3-6 hours over each two-week lesson period to complete the exercises, which are a mixture of guided meditations and journal-based practices. 

Completion of the assignments isn’t mandatory in order to proceed to the next lesson, so if you choose to work at your own pace, you certainly can. The lessons are yours to keep forever. 

Q: What if I get stuck with the material?

During each two-week lesson period, I’ll record a Q&A video answering all of your spellcasting questions. You can submit questions anonymously, so there’s no need to be shy! 

The lessons are purposely arranged to give you ample time to read/listen to the material, try out the exercises, and submit questions. And don’t worry–if you ever miss a Q&A question deadline, you can always ask about previous lesson’s topics in any of the Q&As. 

Q: What if I need to drop out of the course?

You’ll have until midnight, May 2, to drop out and receive a full refund, no questions asked. 

You’ll get to keep all course materials up to this point, but I must receive your emailed refund request at melissa[at]realmagic[dot]school before Lesson Two goes out on May 3.

No refunds given after midnight (CST), May 2, 2021.