How to cast wildly effective spells

(your magic will never be the same again)

In my last post, you learned how to come into Self, the divinely whole, healing essence within that can never be damaged, divided or destroyed, no matter what. 

Today, let’s tie this into spellcasting

…looking at how the Self can turn ho-hum magic into electrifying satisfaction that will ripple outward, touching every area of your life (and beyond). 

The Self, as I mentioned last time, is the archetype of psychic wholeness.

This means that it possesses wisdom beyond the scope of the ego, and this wisdom is always leading us toward a remembrance of our wholeness. 

The ego, on the other hand, deals with separation

This versus that, I versus other, and so on. 

Now, the ego can only hold so many pieces at once…

…and if any of those pieces contain paradox (the true nature of life at its hidden, non-dualistic core)–forget it.

The ego simply doesn’t know what to do with this.

(If you’ve ever felt torn between whether you should do x or y, and analyzing only produces a flurry of contradictory thoughts and emotions, you know precisely what I’m talking about here.)

So while we definitely need the ego’s ability to differentiate this from that in order to function in the world…

if we cast spells primarily from the ego, this is like setting out on a trip with only a torn-off corner of the map. 

We might eventually get where we want to go, but we’re depriving ourselves of the skills, insights and gifts that are our birthright

…making the journey much more difficult than it needs to be. 

And let’s face it, life already offers plenty of challenges; there’s no need to play it on hard mode.

Remember those inner mandates and prohibitions (IMPs) I mentioned a couple of posts ago, the inner, unconscious rules that dictate what we believe is “good” or “bad”? 

When the Self reconnects us to our map of wholeness, this reveals, in stark contrast, those very IMPs that have prevented us from feeling our inherent wholeness…

…falsely convincing us we’ll only be loved and accepted if we follow their rigid (and bafflingly contradictory) dictates. 

This is where we become stuck in nagging self-doubt and pointless mind loops. 

But when the Self connects us to a genuine experience of Love…

…now, the inner rule claiming, for example, “I’m only worthy of love if I cater to other people’s needs,” is revealed for what it is: a complete and utter falsehood. 

The ripple effect of this is often nothing short of miraculous:

In my case, as I recognized and shifted (or stepped away from) relationships where I was fixated on meeting the other person’s needs at my own expense,

seemingly unrelated things spontaneously shifted as well, such as…

I found myself no longer interested in comfort shopping on Amazon, and this “newfound” cash enabled me to pay down my student loans in rapid time. 

My sugar cravings, which I’d tried everything under the sun to curb, and had resigned myself to a life of crankily white-knuckling my way through, began to dissolve. 

Writer’s block gave way to a steady stream of creative ideas and the energy to actually pursue them.

I could go on, but the point is…

…from the vantage point of the ego, previously I’d set out to cast spells to tackle each of those symptoms above. 

I had no clue they were intimately tied to my codependent relationship patterns, and thus my spells’ success was short lived. 

In my Jungian Spellcasting course, Enchant, you’ll learn how to recognize the energetic threads weaving together destructive IMPs with seemingly disconnected and chronically frustrating symptoms.

Left up to the ego, these experiences will forever appear distinct, and you’ll be stuck trying to address them one by one by one…ad infinitum.

But when you learn how to combine the power of Self with potent spellcasting, you can unravel these unwanted experiences at their core.

Enchant opens for registration April 11.

Learn how to release self-limiting IMPs that fuel frustrating cycles of pain + reaction…

…and channel this liberated energy into spells that work.

It’s time to stop chasing after the life you want, and it’s time to start living it.

Learn how to work with, not against, your psychology, and claim your magical birthright of power and purpose.

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