A Lammas Ritual + Guided Meditation

Lammas (also called “Lughnasadh”) is a holiday, or sabbat, on the witch’s Wheel of the Year, typically celebrated on August 1 in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is a time of harvest, and from a Jungian Magic point of view, it’s a potent day to release what no longer serves in order to create space for the newly harvested energy to enter your life. 

Seven of Pentacles from Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot

During this time of global upheaval, doing our inner work is more important than ever. The collective healing relies on, and is composed of, our individual healing. 

So, on this sacred day, let’s add to the communal web of wellness with a simple-yet-powerful ritual (with a free guided meditation).

Let’s begin…

You’ll need some quiet time and space to journal undisturbed prior to the meditation. 

Feel free to light a candle or incense to mark the occasion, then take a few breaths to calm and center yourself before using the following incantation:

I call upon my Total Self

On this holy Lammas day.

To healing I surrender, 

My soul will guide the way.

Focus on the intention to receive insights regarding what within you is most in need of healing right now, perhaps using the following prompts to spark your inner wisdom.

Is there a thought that keeps nagging at the corner of my mind, a bit of worry or anger that I can’t seem to set down?

Is there a relationship that feels discordant right now? What, in particular, feels amiss?

Is there something I wish I could say to someone, but it feels impossible to do so?

I strongly encourage you to journal your responses rather than simply thinking about them. This doesn’t need to be polished or epic; even brief bullet points will do.

Committing words to paper creates a dynamic bridge between the conscious and unconscious selves, unearthing nuggets of truth and wisdom that are otherwise easy to overlook.

As you journal, see if you can connect with one thing that is ready to be released, such as:

A belief about yourself

A belief about another person

A belief about “how the world works”

A fear

A self-righteous mental story

Write down what it is you intend to release in the following format:

I am 100% ready and willing to release, fully and completely, [fill in the blank]. 

And now, it’s time for the guided meditation:

Come into a comfortable seated position (you can lie down if you wish, just don’t fall asleep!), cue up the audio, and close your eyes. 

Lammas Guided Meditation

To download the meditation, click on the stacked dots on the right of the controller and select “download.”

Have a blessed Lammas!