A guided meditation for powerful change

(transform any issue, big or small)

In my last post, you met examples of inner parts that can block even the most well-meaning attempts at change:

the Body Shamer and the Self-Love Enforcer 

We learned that polarized parts keep us trapped in an endless loop of pain-reaction-pain-reaction…

…in this example, as we flip-flop between wallowing in body shame versus drowning it out with self-love affirmations.

I also shared that most approaches to change involve the ego choosing which part is “better” (like the Self-Love Enforcer, for instance) and helping that part “win” by overpowering the other part. 

In fact, conventional spellcasting often takes this approach, too.

For example, we might cast a spell to increase self-love or diminish body shame. 

Both are worthy aims, to be sure, but if we’re not working with the underlying patterns (and the associated inner parts continue to go unseen and unheard)…

…change is often temporary, and it comes at the cost of forcing aspects of our psyche into the unconscious

This is truly a case of winning the battle and losing the war. 

Today, let’s introduce the healing presence of the Self, the divine, whole-ing essence within each and every one of us that has the power to heal inner parts and reintegrate them with the rest of the psyche. 

Here’s the quick-and-dirty reason the Self is so profoundly healing:

The Self is an archetype of psychic wholeness.

Archetypes, in general, exert a powerful influence on anything within their reach.

And the Self, in particular, is an archetype that magnetizes whatever it touches toward psychic wholeness

If we think of our inner parts like a classroom of kindergartners who have gone Lord of the Flies, the Self is the warm, calming presence of a skillful, loving teacher. 

Whereas before, all of these inner parts felt unseen and alone, left to fend for themselves in situations for which they don’t have the necessary skills and maturity…

When the Self arrives, everybody exhales a huge sigh of relief. 

Instead of a chaotic band of five-year-olds desperately trying to figure out how to find food, skillfully negotiate classroom infighting, and a million other impossibly adult things

…they can now gather ’round the Self to receive whatever they require to heal and mature. 

I want to show you how to connect with Self, right here, right now

…because the Self isn’t just a nifty idea–it’s meant to be experienced.

You can read the following instructions and then go into meditation on your own, or you can use this free guided audio. 

Find a comfortable seat, free of distractions, and close your eyes.

Breathe for a few rounds, bringing your awareness to your body and the gentle rise and fall of the breath. 

Bring to mind a recent triggering situation. Spend a few breaths thinking about this situation. 

Where in your body do you notice sensation starting to localize? Perhaps there’s a clenching in your jaw or a fluttering in your belly.

Bring your awareness to this sensation.

As you focus here, do any images or words come to mind, however abstract they might seem? For example: splotchy purple lights, jagged sounds, or a towel waving in the wind. 

Bring an awareness of gentle curiosity to these images or words. This is an inner part. 

As you focus on this part, check in: How do you feel toward this part?

If you feel some mixture of caring, curious, calm or compassionate, you are in Self. 

If you feel something else, that’s okay–just notice it. What are you feeling? For example: worry, judgment, or impatience. 

This is also an inner part (and there may be more than one, such as a worried part and an impatient part). 

Focus on one of these emotions at a time, and see if the part takes shape in your mind. 

Whether or not you can see it clearly right now, ask this part if it would feel okay relaxing a bit so you can get to know it better. (This is called unblending from a part.)

Repeat this process with any other parts that have appeared, asking each one to step back or relax a little so you can get to know it. 

What remains, once you have unblended from any parts, is the Self. 

What does it feel like to be in Self? What does it feel like to see your inner parts through the eyes of Self?

If you like, spend some time asking these parts what they want you to know. 

What do they need from you right now?

Before you finish, thank these parts for being willing to talk with you.

See them in the presence of the Self, in whatever way makes sense to you. (I envision a glowing, loving presence with them.) 

When you’re ready, open your eyes. 

Working with the divine Self

I encourage you to journal on this experience, taking note of any parts you met and what they need from you. 

You can always return in meditation to meet with these parts again, experimenting with unblending and remaining in Self, your divine healing essence. 

With practice, you can check inward and be present with parts from the Self in any situation, without needing to do a formal meditation.

This is an invaluable skill to have.

Shifting into Self puts you into immediate contact with your inner gifts, skills and intuitive wisdom, when and where you need them most. 

Imagine coming into Self during an argument or when you’re making a big decision, instead of letting the classroom of kindergartners handle things? Game changer, right? 

In my next post, I’ll show you how this connects to spellwork, which is, after all, just an ancient (i.e. time tested) method for creating change. 

And when you spellcast from the Self?

Let’s just say the results are often nothing short of miraculous.    

See you soon.

With love,


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